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NAMM 2015: Ibanez JS25ART Anniversary Signature Joe Satriani Guitar

ibanez js25art signature joe satriani anniversary
I’ve been a massive Joe Satriani fan since I picked up the electric guitar in 1988 and immediately wanted an Ibanez JS the moment they were released in 1990, it wasn’t actually until 2008 that I bought one, a black pearl JS1000. It was a great guitar, sounded fantastic, but as G.A.S. took hold of me (as it does regularly) I ended up selling it to fund my Suhr S4. Hey at least I finally followed through on my plan to buy one.

So just to make me and everyone else who started playing guitar around that time it is the 25th Anniversary this year of the Ibanez JS Series and there have been some fantastic models over the years and they continue to evolve to meet Joe’s demanding requirements. One of the coolest pair of guitars I ever saw played live were Satch’s Black Dog and Donnie (a JS3 painted by Donnie Hunt) and I thought the hand painted and scribbled graphics were fantastic so it is very fitting that for the anniversary Ibanez invited Joe to draw custom graphics on a load of bodies that would be sold as limited edition models, I’ve read that 50 guitars will be produced and it appears they will follow the more recent JS2400 model with 24 frets and single coil sized Satch Track humbucker. I guess that’s just based on what Joe plays now but personally if I was going to be able to stump up the $8000 needed to buy one of these limited edition guitars I would want the original 22 fret 2 humbucker JS Model. Anyway check out this awesome video below to see Joe Satriani and a set of Sharpies customising the JS bodies.

Here is a great photo of one of the completed guitars:
ibanez js25art namm

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