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MXR EVH Flanger & Phase 90


Whether he knew it or not at the time, when Eddie Van Halen exploded on the scene he did nothing less than redefine electric guitar playing. From then till the present, he continues to make historical contributions to the legacy of rock music.

Along the way, he chose the MXR Flanger and Phase 90 to play instrumental parts in his innovative sound. Taking this into account, the MXR design team at Dunlop teamed up with EVH to produce these very special signature pedals.

For those who appreciate this legacy and want to be able to add these effects to their arsenal, they’ll be excited to know that there is more to these pedals than just the custom striped graphics that over time came to signal a revolution in rock n’ roll.

His signature Flanger features all the same analog bucket-brigade technology and incredible range of controls of the timeless MXR classic Flanger. In addition, the pedal includes a special “EVH” Button that instantly overrides all controls and gives you a setting that was painstakingly developed to recreate Eddie’s favorite “Unchained” sound.

Similarly, at the heart of the EVH Phase 90 is the same classic, all analog “Block Logo” circuitry that has made it one of the most revered “one-knob wonders” on pedal boards around the globe. However, this pedal features a button that when depressed gives you a second “Script Logo” phasing option, which was the type of circuitry prevalent in the early days of the pedal’s creation when EVH created many of his classic recordings. The tonal option that this button provides is also known as the popular “R28” modification.


Custom MJ Engineering “Roadster” w/ EVH D-Tuna + EVH Phase 90 + EVH Flanger + Mesa Boogie Royal Atlantic + MXR Carbon Copy Delay (FX Loop) + 2- 12″ cabinet

**Recorded using Heil PR microphones and UA 110/610 preamps.

**Special thanks to Mesa Engineering for the use of their amplifier

for more info, visit: http://www.mesaboogie.com/


Performed by: Jude Gold

Executive Producer: Jimmy Dunlop

Producer/Director: Joey Tosi

Editing/Sound: Max Baloian

Art Director: Graham Shaw

Director of Photography: Donavan Sell

Camera Operator: Danny Nieder

Gaffer/Asst Camera: Jim Granato

via MXR EVH Flanger & Phase 90 – YouTube.

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