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Music Came First At A2IM #IndieWeek 2016

image from a2im.orgNew York City’s Indie Week wound down last night. The annual series of events sponsored by A2IM (American Association Of Independent Music) brings together indie labels and the independent music community.

By music marketer Matt Voyno

A2IM is probably the most important music organization you’ve never/vaguely heard of. They work for independent labels and artists. A2IM (The American Association of Independent Music) is a non-profit and its mission is to helps independent music labels improve business by promoting access and parity through advocacy, education and connection-building with one another and affiliated businesses.

That means that they organize over 350 indie labels, talk to the government to make sure labels and their artists aren’t screwed in licensing negotiations and put on world class events.

A2IMThis week in New York City, A2IM held their 11th annual Indie Week music conference. Over 800+ music industry professionals, from companies like MUTE, 300, SoundExchange, 4AD, Conchord Music Group, Kickstarter, Spotify, Pandora were in attendance. The vibe was friendly, open, and down to learn, connect, and shape the future of music. Indie Week 2016 has 18 panels, 13 workshops, and a huge awards show (Libera Awards) featuring Mac Demarco, Naughty By Nature, Nosaj Thing and Torres.

The Indie Week panels and workshops provided an education in every facet of the indie label experience. From digital to physical to live, to the state of the industry on a worldwide scale. With a focus on collaborations, maximizing their art globally, and making sure indies are maneuvering the modern music industry effectively.

If you’re a indie label or company that works with, relies upon, or otherwise support independent labels you should be most definitely be here. The scale of huge conversations and deals being hatched can only happen at these sort of events, and A2IM is working overtime to make it happen (open bar/Libera Awards).

The big message I got in every workshop and panel that I attended is that the music comes first. It’s always about the art, the song, the artist. Whatever indie labels can do to facilitate the art they will do, and at Indie Week 2016 it feels like the future of independent music is strong and only getting stronger. Find out More about A2IM here.

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