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John Petrucci On Berklee, Touring & More

Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci was recently interviewed by Bloody-Disgusting.com; he talks about the band’s Grammy nomination for “The Enemy Inside,” from their self-titled album, their current world tour, studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston (Petrucci, bassist John Myung, and previous drummer Mike Portnoy were all students there), and much more.

Says Petrucci about the global appeal of progressive rock and metal, “I’ve always said that there’s a huge progressive rock, progressive metal audience out there, in the world. We see it when we’re on tour. You can be in your own little sort of bubble in your hometown in the US and you hear what’s on the radio. If you don’t go beyond that you don’t know. But we’ve seen it all over the world, in South America, Europe, Asia, across the US and North America and Australia. There’s huge audiences for this stuff. For me it’s always been there and it’s just a matter of time before the people have more of the means to spread the word. It’s probably no coincidence with the internet and social media and the word being able to spread beyond the radio, where fans can go and talk and congregate and trade stories and a band could communicate news very quickly and in a worldwide basis. I’m sure that’s helped in bringing in this case us to more of the forefront of peoples attention.”

In March, Dream Theater will perform a special concert in Boston, where they’ll be joined by an orchestra and choir made up of Berklee students. Says Petrucci, “It’s a special event that we’re doing in collaboration with Berklee College given the history that we have, being alumni, having the guy who conducted and arranged strings on our current album being a Berklee student, Mike Mangini having been a Berklee professor for eleven years, the band formed at Berklee…So, there’s a lot of history. It’s a cool event where we can give back to the school.”

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Dream Theater‘s self-titled album is available everywhere now—grab a copy from the Roadrunner webstore!

The band’s North American tour starts March 20—find a show near you!

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