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It’s official, Charvel joins forces with Guthrie Govan

I’m not sure why this announcement has taken so long as we all know Guthrie has been playing a couple of tasty looking Charvel guitars in both The Aristocrats and on tour with Steven Wilson for a while now. In fact Guthrie himself responded to the interest around the Interweb concerning the switch from his trusty Suhr’s back in November by posting to his Facebook info about the Koa Charvel, which you can read here: http://guitarnoize.com/guthrie-govan-posts-charvel-info/. In March Guthrie demonstrated his second, Maple topped, Charvel to guitarist magazine, you can check out that video here: http://guitarnoize.com/guthrie-govan-demos-his-2nd-prototype-charvel/.

So it has taken a while for Charvel to go on record but maybe they were just sorting out a contract once Guthrie was satisfied with the prototype guitars. Guthrie, I know will hate the fact that I and the rest of the guitar community is still even discussing his guitars but that’s what we do because we love guitars. I imagine there will be a Guthrie signature model announced sometime in the not too distant future, I definitely think there is a market for the Koa version and they don’t offer anything like that as a production model so keep an eye on Charvel.com.

If you haven’t heard Steven Wilson “The Raven That Refused To Sing” featuring amazing guitar playing from Guthrie check it out, it is one of my favourite albums so far this year and I think a perfect fit for Guthrie. Also The Aristocrats have just released their new album “Culture Clash”, another great album.

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