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Gear Demo: EpicGrip Titanium Picks

I recently posted about a cool new Kickstarter project from EpicGrip Titanium Guitar Picks and they were kind enough to send me a pick to test. I was immediately impressed by how light and thin the pick was and yet had the stiffness or strength of say a 2 or 3mm pick, this meant, for me at least, that I found it easier to play faster with more precision. Now I’m not a fast picker by any means but for the speed that I can play it I felt a little more at ease with the thin pick. The edges are all rounded so you get a smooth attack but a slightly brighter sound than the Gator Grip pick that I compare it to in the video which was to be expected from a metal pick. I was wary at first about hitting the guitar so I used a guitar with a pickguard but unless you are really strumming like crazy I don’t think you are going to have any issues, if you do strum like crazy just be aware that hitting your guitar with a metal pick is going to do more damage than plastic picks. The grip on this pick is extraordinary, I’ve played picks with holes drilled through them which help a little but the strength of Titanium is such that they have been able to cut out this large intricate logo and it means you get a lot of skin pushing through and making it super grippy.

I know some people will be put off by the price and worry that they might lose it but EpicGrip does come with a hole drilled at the top so you can put it on a chain around your neck or on a keyring or whatever and if the hole is too small just thread it through the logo cutout. I have paid double this price for a boutique hand made pick and it wasn’t made of any special material like Unicorn Horn or whatever so it really doesn’t worry me and for $18 you can get two picks so only $9 each which I think is pretty reasonable for a piece of Titanium that has had so much work go into it.

If you would like to help get this company up and running you can put an order in on their Kickstarter page using the widget below:

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