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Gear Demo: D’Addario/Planet Waves NS Micro Tuner

While the features grew, the size of the NS Mini just got smaller… introducing the NS Micro Headstock Tuner.

I couldn’t have said it any better, the old NS Mini Tuner was great, seriously great. The new NS Micro Tuner is even better and that is saying something. The NS Micro Tuner still fits on practically any headstock, it still has a rotating screen but that LED screen is brighter, the tuner has an increased calibration range from 410hz – 480hz and it now includes a visual metronome which allows you to dial in bpm’s from 20 up to 280! The tuner clips onto the headstock with a new ratchet system which feels more sturdy than the original clip and has even less chance of causing any damage to the headstock and once on you can leave it there you don’t have to remove it to go back in the guitar case. The NS Micro also has improved tuning software which offers faster note recognition and accuracy using the piezo sensor system. The super bright screen makes it very simple to see at a glance whether you are in tune by displaying the note in either Red or Green (in tune) and markers either side to show how flat or sharp you are.

The best thing about the NS Micro Tuner is that all of this is available for a mere $32.99 and you can purchase the product from PlanetWaves.com.

Planet Waves NS Micro Tuner

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