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Former VOIVOD Frontman ERIC FORREST's E-FORCE To Release 'The Curse…' In April

E-FORCE, the band led by former VOIVOD frontman Eric Forrest, will release its third album, “The Curse…”, on April 11 via Mausoleum Records.

“The Curse…” track listing:

01. Invitation
02. Perverse Media
03. Witch Wrk
04. Serpent’s Kiss
05. Awakened
06. Psyclone
07. Devoured
08. Mass Deception
09. Your Beloved Hate
10. Infexxxous
11. The Curse Of The C**t

Audio samples are available at this location.

The current E-FORCE lineup features the return of Krof on drums, a member of the 2005 European touring lineup, and introduces Xav on guitar.

“The Curse…”‘s lyrical concept attempts to explain “the power of women and what some guys (and some women) will do to get a piece of the action,” according to Eric. He added, “I don t think man has changed in, say, the last 2,000 years. Say from Jesus Christ hanging with hookers to the Cleopatra/Caesar time to the modern-day dilemma of Tiger Woods, for example. The list goes on.”

E-FORCE released its sophomore album, “Modified Poison”, in February 2008 via France’s Thundering Records. The CD, which was recorded at a studio in Toulouse, France with producer Patrick Freidrich, includes collaborations with Colin-Tocquaine as well as Tim and Kevin Guttierez of PROJECT: FAILING FLESH. Moreover, Eric decided to re-record/cover a song from the unreleased VOIVOD 2001 demo as a tribute to late VOIVOD guitarist Denis “Piggy” D’Amour.

E-FORCE‘s debut album, “Evil Forces”, came out in October 2003 via Season Of Mist Records.



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