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Firefly Pick – Light from Music

“The Firefly Pick is an LED guitar pick which creates a rhythmic light show synchronized to music with each strum of the guitar – it is the simplest and most mesmerizing visual effect in a guitarist’s arsenal.”

When I first saw this Kickstarter project I’ll admit my initial reaction was, “why?”, but the more I watched the video I thought, “why not!”. I think it would actually look pretty cool on a dark stage seeing the guitar lit up rhythmically like this. Maybe not for every single song of a show but here and there I think it would be a cool addition.

“The high brightness LED’s are driven by a high speed sensor system that can detect playing styles of all kinds. This is all powered by an ultra-thin lithium-ion battery and is rechargeable via micro USB. The Firefly Pick looks and feels like a 3mm Big Stubby pick and with high quality components, this pick will last many years.”

There are going to be a few options too if the project is successfully funded (you can help out using the widget below):

The Firefly Pick Original – Flashes quickly and precisely to a wide range of playing motion while ignoring unrelated movements. This version is the most rhythmic option and the most well rounded Firefly Pick.

The Firefly Pick Air – Flashes in response to hand motion as well as playing action, so it works on any body rhythm even without a guitar. Likely to revolutionize the air guitar, but also ideal for slower tempos, drawn out finishes, and tracking whammy bar motion.

The Firefly Pick Duo – The Firefly Pick Duo flashes one color of your choice on the up stroke, and a different color of your choice on the down stroke. More challenging to control than the Original, but with great artistic potential. Flip the pick over in your hand to reverse the directions.

The Firefly Pick Insanity – The Firefly Pick Insanity flashes one color of your choice on the up stroke, and one color of it’s choice on the down stroke. He’s a little unstable, but you’ll love him anyway!

The Firefly Pick is rechargeable using a standard USB micro cable (included).

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