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Dave Reffett: signs to Legator guitars

Dave Reffett photo © Alex Solca

It’s official! I am very proud to announce that I am now signed to a long term relationship with Legator Guitars! Kennon Yi, Adam Rome, Scott Norris and everyone at Legator made me feel right at home and appreciated! And like the quote from the movie, “The Godfather”, “they made me an offer that I couldn’t refuse”!!! They are so respectful, friendly and dedicated to the art of making AMAZING guitars!!! The quality of the build, the wood choices, the parts, and the love that goes into them… add up to axes that have maximum ass kicking capabilities! I have never played guitars that are this good! This is a very exciting time in my life both personally and professionally and to be playing guitars that inspire me this much is a true blessing. Rock on

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