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Interview: Paul Dean and Loverboy Are Set for a ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll’ Revival’

Loverboy, the Canadian rock band whose songs “Working For The Weekend," “Hot Girls in Love” and “Queen of The Broken Hearts” have become staples of classic rock radio, have released Rock 'N' Roll Revival, a new album of re-recorded hits and new songs. The band is on a massive nationwide tour supporting fellow veteran rockers Journey, Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo. I had the chance to speak with guitarist Pau ...

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Music Industry Insider Video Series MUBUTV Officially Launches [WATCH]

Industry contact resource The Music Business Registry and entertainment firm Symbiotic Nation have teamed up to present the MUBUTV Insider Video Series, which features interviews with music industry professionals in the areas of A&R, music supervision, legal affairs, marketing & branding, publicity, record production and more. The series debuted yesterday and contains interviews with some standout i ...

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INTERVIEW: The Mylene Sheath’s Lindsay and Joel (Part 2)

Last week we ran the first part of our interview with the good folks at The Mylene Sheath. Lindsay and Joel—the duo behind the Athens, GA based label—talked to us about their beginnings, how they communicate with their fans and their vinyl releases. In the concluding half of our interview, find out about their newest release (Constants’ Pasiflora), new homebase and views on streaming services like Rdi ...

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Interview: The Company Band’s Jim Rota on ‘Pros & Cons’ EP

It's hard work dragging classic rock and metal kicking and screaming into the modern era, but someone's got to do it. Enter the Company Band, a hard rocking collective made up of Clutch's Neil Fallon, CKY's Jess Margera, Fireball Ministry's Jim Rota, guitarist Dave Bone and Fu Manchu's Brad Davis. On their new EP, Pros & Cons, the group are confident they've hit their stride, with Rota declaring in a pr ...

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Aleksi Munter (Swallow The Sun) Interviewed

I’ve often felt STS songs are like album-form movies. At this point, where does the cinematic inspiration come from? Aleksi: Mainly Twin Peaks, it has always been an inspiration, especially to the songs musically, but also lyrically to some extent. On Hope we tried to go for The Shining-type of vibes, but in hindsight that could’ve been more apparent. If you were to pick three movies to describe Emerald For ...

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Alex Walker Interview: From New York to LA

By: Brad Conroy Guitarist, composer, performer and producer Alex Walker is probably one of the most creative, hardest working and best musicians that you have never heard of. Although, this might not be the case for much longer as he is an extremely gifted player who is able to thrive within any musical situation. Walker effortlessly moves between genres and is able to make his presence felt whether he is p ...

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ROMPLR’s Jon Vlassopulos On Music Fans’ Transition From Consumer To Creator [INTERVIEW]

Jon Vlassopulos is the CEO of Skyrockit, a mobile entertainment studio that helps brands, media companies and technology companies leverage mobile through the creation of products, services and marketing campaigns. Jon is recognized as a digital media and advertising visionary, having consistently created successful industry firsts throughout his career in the areas of mobile, Internet, television, music an ...

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Interview – Warseid

I’m not much for fantastical lyrics – no matter how brutal the imagined scenery, it seems there’s enough ignorance and atrocity just outside my apartment door to nullify the impact of some invented horrors from galaxies long ago and far away. And I’ll be bumguzzled if I can predict when synth infestation will command my unholy allegiance or just piss me off. All that said, the new Where Fate Lies Unbound EP ...

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INTERVIEW: The Mylene Sheath’s Lindsay and Joel (Part 1)

We spend a lot of time talking to artists—whether in blog posts or in each month’s issue—and rightfully so. After all, they put their blood, sweat and tears into making the music that brings us together. We haven’t necessarily dedicated a lot of space to the people actually putting out those releases, however, so we figured we’d pick the brains of the men and women behind some of our favorite record l ...

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