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Dublin Death Patrol Deliver a Bay Area Beatdown

Like London, Ontario and Paris, Texas there’s a city in the California Bay Area with the same name as one of the great metropolises of the world. Yep, Dublin, CA was named after Ireland’s capital, but this East Bay suburb is probably best known in the metal world for being the hometown of some heavy hitters in the early ’80s SF metal scene. A tight-knit set of dudes who grew up together (w ...

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INTERVIEW: Noisear’s Dorian Rainwater on the New Mexico grind crew’s “Turbulent Resurgence”

What else could New Mexico nerve-shredders Noisear have named their forthcoming album? Turbulent Resurgence kinda sums everything up nicely; in the year since the release of the near free-jazz grind lunacy of Subvert the Dominant Paradigm, the band have shed some serious personnel and had to regroup and re-focus. But despite the changing of the guard, core writing duo of guitarist/vocalist Dorian Rainwater ...

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Interview: Guitarist Wes Wallace of Texas Hippie Coalition Discusses ‘Peacemaker’ and Non-Stop Touring

Texas Hippie Coalition released their third studio album, Peacemaker, August 14 through Carved Records. The band — Big Dad Ritch (vocals), John Exall (bass), Wes Wallace (guitar) and Timmy Braun (drums) — blends Pantera-style riffs and energy with vocals that sound a bit like ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons. We recently sat down with Wallace to discuss the band's work ethic and new album. GUITAR WORLD: When did star ...

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More Than a Rock and Wrestling Connection with Rich Ward of FOZZY

Interview and Photos by Craig Hunter Ross. Rich Ward is the lead guitarist and creative force behind the band Stuck Mojo, as well as a being a former member of the metal “supergroup” Adrenaline Mob. Chris Jericho is known the world over for his years as one of the biggest stars and box office draws in the world of professional wrestling, as well as several other media ventures including a successful run on ...

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Interview: Ihsahn Answers Readers’ Questions on Gear, Songwriting, ‘Eremita’ and More

As the founding guitarist of Emperor, he rose from Norway’s notorious black metal scene to become a progressive metal luminary. His recent solo album, Eremita, features guest appearances by Devin Townsend and Jeff Loomis, but what Guitar World readers really what to know is … What’s your main ax at the moment, and have you experimented with any new tunings or amp setups on the new record? — sajith There’s a ...

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