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Neurosis’ Scott Kelly and Steve Von Till preview Honor Found In Decay

We’ve only had the pleasure of hearing Neurosis’ forthcoming album, Honor Found in Decay, once. All the lights were out save for two candles and the peak meters on the mixing desk. And while the darkness made for a totally immersive listening experience, it reduced note-taking to scoring crude approximations of words onto the one-sheet, scrawling “bone-handled hunting knives” and “raw-hide” in a ...

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Interview: Voice Teacher and Producer Peter Strobl Discusses Recording Mark Knopfler

As a renowned voice teacher, Peter Strobl has recently gained notoriety for his work with Wolfgang Van Halen, taking him from teenage vocalist to professional singer through intensive preparation for road and studio. However, Strobl’s longstanding career in the music industry spans an interesting and unique array of skills. In addition to teaching, he also is a musician, luthier and producer, and years ago ...

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Colin Davis (Vile) interviewed

** The original Decibel interview appeared in issue #88 (HERE), but it seems as if the death metal community blew right past one of the better efforts of late 2011 to focus exclusively on Pestilence’s super-lauded Doctrine long-player (just kidding). Seriously, dudes, go back and give Metamorphosis a spin. It might end up on your 2011 Best Of list. Revised, of course. What separates Vile now from prev ...

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Bonin’ the Interhole: CAPA

Bands like Gojira and Godflesh might be major brand names ‘round these parts, but mention them to your average Metallica-loving broseph and you’re likely to get a squinty-eyed, the-fuck-you-say? half-nod. But Decibel just won’t quit. We dig deeper, danker, darker and dirtier (though rarely fitter or happier) to turn up a few otherwise overlooked gems. Throw Me a Frickin’ Bone scribe Kevin Stewart-Panko and ...

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AccordoTV interview Mattias Eklundh

Great interview from AccordoTV with Mattias IA Eklund, talking about his new album Smorgasbord and his brand new Laney Ironheart. This RSS Feed is the property of GuitarNoize.com if you are reading this on another site please visit my site. ...

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Interview: Eric Johnson Discusses His Dunlop Signature Fuzz Face Pedal

Ask any guitarist to describe Eric Johnson in one word, and you'll likely get one response: “Tone." Johnson took the music world by storm with the release of his 1986 album Tones and the subsequent Ah Via Musicom from 1990. Since that time, he's released a successful DVD, appeared on several G3 and Experience Hendrix tours -- and he's even won a Grammy. But as amateur guitarists search for an approximation ...

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Decibrity Playlist: Anders Nyström (Katatonia) (Part 1)

We’ve been running these playlists for about six months or so, and our favorite ones by far involve well-established artists telling us about records that related in some way to each of their studio albums (we’re looking at you Shane Embury and Greg Mackintosh). So when we recently had an early morning chat with Katatonia co-founder and guitarist Anders Nyström for an upcoming piece, we couldn ...

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