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Interview: Steve Hackett Discusses His New Album, ‘Genesis Revisited II’

As a guitarist and music lover, I take great pride in having been around to experience some of music’s finest moments. From the '80s success of Van Halen, Alex Lifeson and Randy Rhoads to the rise of Joe Satriani, Kirk Hammett and Joe Bonamassa. Although I loved being able to bear witness to the great players from my high school years, I lament not being “around” (or in diapers) during the heyday of some of ...

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Brujeria Revisited: Surviving Mexico

When the idea was pitched for a Decibel exclusive oral history of Brujeria (November 2012, Issue #97), it seemed straight forward enough:  Get the maniacs behind one of the world’s worst-kept-secret bands to dish out a chronological breakdown of the life and times of White Cali’s most feared sonic terrorists.  The reality of weaving such a rich history together turned out to be far more tangled.  Wild stori ...

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Decibrity Playlist: A Life Once Lost

A Life Once Lost’s fifth full-length has been a long time coming. Not only has it been five years since our hometown favorites put out Iron Gag, but when we last spoke to Doug Sabolick back in January 2011 (you know, back when there was hope for the Phightins), the band had already been writing and demoing for a year. But now that Ecstatic Trance is finally set to drop on October 22nd, we figured we ...

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Interview: Duran Duran Bassist John Taylor Discusses His New Autobiography, ‘In The Pleasure Groove’

One hundred million records, 14 Top 10 singles on the UK Singles Chart and 21 hits in Billboard's Hot 100. They’ve traveled the world and back many times over and even scored a No. 1 hit for James Bond. Now bassist John Taylor is opening up the vault on Love, Death and Duran Duran. Taylor’s road to fame and excess is fully documented in his new autobiography, In The Pleasure Groove, an insider’s look into t ...

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Interview: Killinger Guitarist Kevin Morin Discusses Tour with Black Label Society and His Other Day Job

This is shaping up to be a healthy year for the band Killinger. The Canadian quartet picked up the People’s Choice trophy at the Edmonton Music Awards and has seen their song “We Are Here” featured as part of FOX Sports MLB programming. The band continues to win over audiences with the huge guitar riffs and catchy melodies heard on their self-titled debut release. The album features a contemporary sound tha ...

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Upward Spiral #11: Interview w/Fame House’s Michael Fiebach – Advice For Artists & Entrepreneurs

In this episode, the trio interviews Michael Fiebach, founder and CEO of the digital marketing firm Fame House to get his seasoned advice for up-and-coming artists and entrepreneurs. Michael also joins the conversation about recent news regarding Death Grips, WMG's big investment in Deezer, and Parlophone artists going on strike. The Upward Spiral is a podcast about the new music industry featuring Kyle Byl ...

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Bluesman Dave Fields Talks about Detonation

By: William Clark Blazing blues guitar master Dave Fields has rocketed into 2012 with his new explosive album, Detonation. With a new record simply overflowing with punching solos and dynamite vocals. This New York Blues Hall of Fame inductee gives the best performance of his musical career to date. Detonation proudly boasts a ballsy mixture of hard rock and the blues that will hook any rock ‘n’ ...

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Interview: Guitarist Kaki King Discusses Her New Album, ‘Glow’

When you sit down to listen to Kaki King’s new release, Glow, you’ll be struck by the pristine recording quality, the crystal-clear tone, the acoustic separation and the compositions that stem from masterful and moving arpeggiations. But it’s when you see King play live that you experience her true genius. Words cannot accurately describe her performance technique. It’s a hybrid of taps, slaps, strums, fing ...

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