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Interview – Night Terrain

Out of New Mexico’s oft-speculated desert sky flies the darkly evocative Night Terrain. The band members describe their particular style of racket as “equal parts space rock, doom metal, and stoner rock… riffs go from slow, sludgy and droning to uplifting, manic…” On July 24th, Night Terrain self-released their debut album, American Dream, which manages to paint twilit frontier landscapes with its precise b ...

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Excerpt: Meshuggah Discuss Their New Album, ‘Koloss’

The following in an excerpt taken from the September 2012 issue of Guitar World. For the full story, as well as features on Steve Vai and Tosin Abasi, Rush, Periphery and more, pick up the issue on newsstands now, or in our online store. The scene at the House of Blues backstage lounge is not unlike a typical Saturday afternoon in many living rooms across the States. The band members are casually sprawled a ...

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Decibrity Playlist: Nachtmystium

We’d been waiting to see what direction Blake Judd and company would take after the Black Meddle duology, and we finally found out this week when Nachtmystium released its sixth full-length album Silencing Machine (check out Jeff Treppel’s review in our August issue). To celebrate, we recently asked the Illinoisan—whose band is the inspiration for this piece of deliciousness—to tell us about fiv ...

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Richard Cabeza (Unanimated) interviewed

** The original Decibel interview appeared in issue #58 (HERE), but since the Swedes are slower than Candlemass when issuing albums, we felt it was kinda cool to necro-post the full Unanimated interview. Also, Unanimated claims to be working on a new album without drummer Peter Stjärnvind, who left his stool post in February 2012, allowing for Unleashed drummer Anders Schultz to step in. What’s different no ...

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Interview : Slayer’s Kerry King on MayhemFest, the Fans, the Upcoming Album & meaning behind KFK !!

Folks, enjoy this warm hearted interview w/ Slayer guitarist Kerry King – talking about the Mayhem Festival Tour, the Stage Show, the Fans, the Upcoming Album – and what we all want to know – the history behind KFK branding !!! Special thanks to KFK for the time! Much, much appreciated! For his gear interview [...] ...

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Interview: Wolfgang Van Halen Talks Bass, ‘A Different Kind Of Truth’ and More

The current version of Van Halen is to music what a street rod is to the automobile. With David Lee Roth back as the band’s frontman, Van Halen has restored its classic appeal, but at the same time the addition of 21-year-old Wolfgang Van Halen on bass has modified the band with a significant boost in power and style. Wolfgang made an impressive if slightly understated debut with Van Halen during the band’s ...

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