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Review Demo – Black Cat Pedals Vibe

Read the review: original Uni-Vibe may have failed as rotary speaker simulation. But in doing so it made sounds every bit as musical, expressive, evocative, and beautiful as any Leslie. Funny thing is that—like a Leslie—the expense and hassle of faithfully replicating a Uni-Vibe dissuades many pedal builders from trying. So when a good ...

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Metal Mike – Metal for Life – Suspended Chords in Metal Rhythm Guitar

One of the coolest things about contemporary metal is that its harmonic palette is wide open. It’s not uncommon for a great metal riff to jump back and forth from one type of harmonic environment to another, such as from the natural minor scale to the Phrygian mode to the Mixolydian mode to the blues scale.Countless examples abound ...

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Richard Devine Interview – The Sweetwater Minute, Vol. 256

Learn more about the Toontrack software Richard mentions in the interview here: interviews world-renownded musician, engineer, and sound designer Richard Devine. Richard visited Sweetwater to hold a workshop on behalf of Toontrack. Enjoy the video, then click the link above for more information on Toontrack products! ...

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Review Demo – Neo Instruments Mini Vent Rotary Pedal

Read the review: simulating a rotary speaker is ambitious. Because while the fundamentals of the rotary speaker effect couldn’t be much simpler (put speaker on stick, spin, and repeat) the wobbly, swirling, pitch-shifting delights that result are paradoxically complex and hard to replicate. Neo Instruments’ last rotary simulator, the Ventilator, blew our minds. It ...

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Keeley Neutrino Envelope Filter Auto Wah Pedal Review – Sweetwater Sound

Get the Keeley Neutrino pedal here: this video, I checked out the Keeley Neutrino Envelope Filter/Auto Wah pedal. Let me start by saying that this pedal is expressive! Right out of the box I was able to call-up a classic auto-wah sound and the extremely vocal quality of the Neutrino had me hooked. I ...

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How to Sound Like Eddie Van Halen – Sweetwater Sound

Learn more from Mitch about guitar tone with "Guitar Tone: Pursuing the Ultimate Guitar Sound": this excerpt from "Guitar Tone: Tones of the Pros", Mitch Gallagher shows you how to set up a guitar rig to sound like Eddie Van Halen. Enjoy the video, then click the link above to check out Mitch's book ...

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