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Alex Lifeson Gear and Guitar Rig

Alex Lifeson's gear and guitars are have helped shape the sound of progressive rock across the globe starting in the 1970's. With an arsenal of Gibsons, PRS's and Martins, Alex conjures up some of the most memorable sounds and riffs in rock history. Find out more about Alex's legendary gear. GearFurman Power Conditioner PL-81 Furman PL Plus Power Conditioner2 Behringer Ultralink mx-662 6 Channel Spliter/Mix ...

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Steve Vai’s Gear and Guitar Rig

Steve Vai's gear has shaped the sounds of his amazing talent on the guitar and as a songwriter. Check out some of the gear Steve has used through the years. Guitars: Ibanez JEM (white "Evo") Ibanez JEM EM7V ("Flo", a customized Floral Jem 77FP painted white) Ibanez Ibanez Universe (7 string) Ibanez Euphoria (acoustic) Ibanez Triple neck (top neck is a 12-string guitar, the middle is a 6-string, and the bott ...

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