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Steve Vai Left Speechless After Dueling with a Brazilian Fan

We're not sure how we missed this one. A little over two years ago (June 27, 2015, to be exact), a young Brazilian guitarist's dream came true; the guitarist—Patrick Souza—got to share the stage with his idol, Steve Vai. But it's a lot more interesting than it sounds; in fact, the pair engaged in a guitar duel that left Vai speechless. For a bit of context, Vai was conducting a guitar workshop in Brazil, an ...

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Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds Announce New Album, 'Who Built the Moon?'

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds have announced a new album, entitled Who Built the Moon?. The album—the third from the former Oasis songwriter and guitarist and his band—features fellow British rock luminaries Paul Weller (playing organ on "Holy Mountain") and Johnny Marr (playing guitar and harmonica on "If Love Is the Law"). It will be released in November. "People are going to be surprised," said Davi ...

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In a Rut? Pick Up Another Instrument, Even If You Can't Play It

I’m sick of practicing. I’m in a rut. Nothing I do is original. I’ve played this a million times already. I don’t seem to be getting better. Where do “THEY” get all those good ideas, anyway? Welcome back to the “Art of the Practice” series of articles, where we seek to interject your practice with some much-needed variety, novelty and fun. Which is exactly the way it should be. Today we’re going to talk abo ...

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Metallica's Guitar Techs Reveal the Band's Live Rig

The folks over at MetallicaTV have premiered a 19-minute video in which the band's guitar techs—Chad Zaemisch and Justin Crew—walk viewers through James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett's guitar rigs for the WorldWired tour.  Zaemisch and Crew discuss the challenges of setting up the band's gear for the performances, which took place on the band's most elaborate stage setup (180 feet across!) to date—and run viewe ...

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“Hababout”: Kaki King Premieres New Song and Performance Video

Kaki King has premiered a track—and its corresponding performance video—from her new album, Live at Berklee. You can check it out below. Like the rest of the album, the performance features a guest appearance by the Porta Girevole Chamber Orchestra. The song, “Hababout,” represents the only previously unreleased track on the album, and it was written specifically for the live performance featured on the dis ...

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Fender Unveils California Coast Series Ukeleles

Fender has announced the launch of its new California Coast Series ukuleles, celebrating the brand’s California roots. All five, diverse soprano, concert and tenor models are named after beaches along the coast of California—from Los Angeles to picturesque Santa Barbara, capturing the spirit of California beach culture and the lifestyle it has to offer year-round. All models from the California Coast Series ...

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'Light In The Dark’: Doug Aldrich Talks New Revolution Saints Album

For Light In The Dark, the sophomore album from monster trio Revolution Saints, we find Deen Castronovo (vocals/drums), Doug Aldrich (guitars) and Jack Blades (bass/vocals) once again teaming up with producer/songwriter Allesandro Del Vecchio for an infectious compilation of inspired songwriting and tasty guitar work, highlighted by Castronovo’s amazing vocal prowess. Light In The Dark [which is set for an ...

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