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How to Use Sweep Picking in Jazz

Sweep picking is a popular guitar technique in metal, allowing players to articulate licks with tremendous speed. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95U1miLkvuE&w=560&h=315]Sweep picking is a popular guitar technique in metal, allowing players to articulate licks with tremendous speed.But the application also has its uses in jazz guitar, where it mainly serves as an embellishment to link notes ...

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What to Look For At This Year's Grammys

The 60th annual Grammy Awards—which will be held this weekend at Madison Square Garden in New York City—hold a lot of intrigue for music aficionados, regardless of what genre they're into. Who will be crowned as the night's biggest winners? Which deserving winner will get snubbed? And most importantly, what insane live collaborations will there be at this year's ceremony?Though the industry's biggest night ...

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Stream Tuesday’s Live Interview with Steve Hackett Right Here

BackStory Events and Guitar World invite you to join us for the live stream of our exclusive interview with legendary Genesis guitarist and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, Steve Hackett. The interview will take place at 6:30 p.m. EST on January 30, live from the Cutting Room in New York City.  We’ll talk about his latest live album and new DVD set, Wuthering Nights, including classic songs from Genesis, GTR ...

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Lynyrd Skynyrd Announce 'Last of the Street Survivors' Farewell Tour

The iconic Southern rock group Lynyrd Skynyrd have announced that—after one final American tour this summer—they will disband. Though only one member—guitarist Gary Rossington—remains from the band's original, best-known lineup, they have been a touring institution since 1987, when they returned after a decade-long hiatus following the death of their lead singer, Ronnie Van Zant, in a plane crash. The Last ...

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How to Be a Jerk Guitar Player in 10 Easy Steps

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ECgsfBzO6w&w=560&h=315]Here's a handy lesson video by the guys at Texas Blues Alley. It's called "How to Be a Jerk Guitar Player in 10 Easy Steps." Of course, it's meant to be sarcastic, yet it does spotlight a lot of unfortunately common behavior among, well, jerk guitarists. In fact, if you already follow any of these 10 guidelines, you might have a proble ...

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Carvin Audio Returns, Announces X1 All Tube Guitar Preamp Pedal

Back in October, Carvin Audio announced that—after 70 years in operation—it was closing its San Diego factory and liquidating the entirety of its stock. Now though, it appears the company has returned, as they have announced a new pedal, the X1 All Tube Guitar Preamp Pedal.Though it is unclear at this time how much this new Carvin Audio has to do with the old Carvin Audio, from the looks of the logo (the sa ...

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John 5 Premieres Live "Season of the Witch"

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26D6OLwzb70&w=560&h=315]Today, John 5 and his band—The Creatures—released their new live LP, It's Alive! In celebration of the album's release, GuitarWorld.com presents the exclusive premiere of a video for one of the album's fiercest cuts, "Season of the Witch." You can watch it above. “I remember pulling up to a beautiful venue that we played in Sellersvill ...

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New Year, New Gear: Guitar World at the 2018 NAMM Show

It's that time of year again, folks!Welcome to Guitar World's coverage of the 2018 NAMM Show in sunny Anaheim, CA. The show runs from January 25-January 28, and during that time, many members of the Guitar World crew are on the floor, shooting photos and videos, gathering gear news and sampling the coolest new guitars, amps, effects and devices for 2018 and beyond. Be sure to check out the NAMM 2018 section ...

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Reverend Introduces New Airsonic, Pete Anderson Signature PA-1 10th Anniversary Edition and Billy Corgan Terz Guitars

Reverend has updated its model line with three new electric guitars, the new Airsonic, the Pete Anderson Signature and the Billy Corgan Terz. Reverend AirsonicReverend Airsonic The Reverend Airsonic was born from Reverend founder Joe Naylor's quest to meld a solid body’s sustain and attack with the rich, big tone of a semi-hollow. The Airsonic's radically thinner wings and thru-body f-holes allow the body t ...

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