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Dean Zelinsky Talks About the Z-Glide Neck

By Damian Fanelli About three years ago, Dean Zelinsky, CEO of Dean Zelinsky Private Label Guitars, announced the issuance of his patent for a new guitar neck design, the Z-Glide. According to the company, the Z-Glide greatly improves the overall playability and feel of the guitar and addresses that undesirable, tacky neck feel when a sweaty palm meets a conventional, glossy neck. In the just-posted video b ...

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Steve Vai and Mace Bailey Reveal How the Ibanez JEM Came to Be

By Damian Fanelli On January 19, the first day of the 2017 Winter NAMM Show, we shared a news item about Ibanez Guitars’ brand-new 30th Anniversary JEM model, the JEM777. Well, now we have a new video to go with it. It features the guitarist who has been unequivocally connected to the JEM for three decades: Steve Vai. In the clip, which you can watch below, Vai—who is surrounded by a myriad of choice amps a ...

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A Guitar Pick You Can Sling and Wear Like a Ring

By Damian Fanelli Guitarists, meet the Pick Slinger. It’s a new type of guitar pick that you wear like a ring, allowing you to swing—and/or sling—it in and out of your grip as needed. This could allow players to go from flat picking to fingerstyle in an instant. When you need your pick to strum, it’s there. When you’re suddenly in to the mood to tap or slap, your pick mysteriously disappears with a quick fl ...

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The Top 10 Guitar and Gear Trends for 2017

By Christopher Scapelliti If your head is still reeling from last week’s NAMM show, you’re not alone. As usual, there was such an overwhelming amount of gear that it’s hard to sort it all out. Phillip McKnight has come to the rescue. A dedicated gear head, Phillip has identified 10 trends that he anticipates for 2017 based on what he saw at the show. The trends include faded paint finishes, weird headstocks ...

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