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D’Angelico Guitars Releases the Bob Weir Signature Model | DEMO

Since the formation of Dead & Company in 2015, Grateful Dead fans have reveled in the return of their musical heroes. Now, the most dedicated fans in the world have yet another reason to celebrate. After more than a year of research and collaborative design, D’Angelico Guitars has released the all-new Bob Weir Signature SS. Celebrating the partnership between the legendary guitar company and world-renow ...

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New Roadie 2 Automatic Guitar Tuner Works Without a Smartphone

The popular Roadie automatic guitar tuner is getting an upgrade. Band Industries has announced Roadie 2, which offers all the features of the original but also works as a standalone unit. The original Roadie consisted of a motorized unit that synced to your Smartphone, which stored the selected tunings. Roadie 2 stores all of its tunings within the unit itself. In addition, whereas the original Roadie “hear ...

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Play the Scale—Don’t Let the Scale Play You

When I first got my greasy little hands on the minor pentatonic scale at the ripe old age of 13, it was mayhem in my household. Luckily, I had supportive parents who tolerated my endless noodling of the overplayed, overused sound we all know and love. I’d go up and down that scale for hours, locating the root note over a classic rock tune and then going into what I can only refer to as “robot mode.” Robot m ...

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Music Nomad Announces the Octopus 8-in-1 Guitar Tool

Music Nomad has announced the Octopus, an eight-in-one tech tool that can handle numerous guitar- and gear-related jobs. From the company: Forget lugging around a bunch of screwdrivers, nut drivers and wrenches when The Octopus 8 'n 1 Tech Tool can handle the job. Music Nomad's patent pending, innovative design is perfect for adjusting output jacks, control pots, tuning machine bushings and screws. It featu ...

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10 Gorgeous Non-Open-String Chords

A few weeks back, David Walliman shared his top 10 favorite open-string chords that can be moved on the fretboard. In this new video, he turns things around by presenting 10 gorgeous non-open-string chords. “No open strings,” he says, “which means that there are going to be some barre chords. However, these are not your traditional, conventional barre chords.” David adds that these chord voicings “sound bea ...

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Robbie Robertson Talks About His Bronzed ‘Last Waltz’ 1954 Fender Strat

Of all the stars in The Last Waltz, Martin Scorsese’s documentary of the Band’s extravagant 1976 farewell concert, perhaps the most iconic—for guitarists—is Robbie Robertson’s 1954 Fender Stratocaster. “When we were preparing to do The Last Waltz, I thought, I should do something for the occasion, and I had it bronzed,” Robertson told our sister publication Guitar Aficionado in 2011. “They dipped the body i ...

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PRS Guitars’ Coveted 57/08 Pickups Now Available for Sale

PRS’s vintage-inspired 57/08 pickups are now available for purchase for the first time through the PRS accessories store and authorized PRS dealers. From the company: Inspired by 1957 humbuckers and introduced in 2008 (hence the name), these proprietary pickups were designed by Paul Reed Smith and are made with vintage-style wire and wound in-house in PRS’s Electronics department. They were designed to capt ...

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Kemper Releases Free Michael Britt Rig Pack

With the advent of the Profiler, some might think that getting the sound of a guitar amp into the digital domain is easy, and that basically anyone can do it. Just order a head from a retailer for 30 days, profile, and send it back, right? Well, this might work for some players, but to be honest, the real art in designing sounds for guitarists is about far more than just the electrical devices you happen to ...

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Three Quick "Brain Hacks" for Creating Killer Guitar Solos

Hey, guys! Over the course of the next few videos, I'm going to tackle some burning issues, all of which are inspired by the questions I get asked about the most. In this first video (with downloads), I will answer several of your most-asked questions concerning...• Playing around chord changes • Inside- and outside-the-box licks • Spicing up your leads so that they sound fresh and new • Brain hacks and unc ...

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