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Weller Guitars’ Stageliner

More and more, guitar designers are digging deep, thinking out of the box, and using their imaginations to conjure hip, nontraditional designs. Strat, Tele, and Les Paul shapes are no longer the go-to templates. Among younger consumers, particularly, retailers see a move away from standard shapes to more futuristic profiles, early-’60s oddball, artsy flourishes, and ... ...

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Walrus Audio’s Bellwether Dela

The Bellwether from Walrus Audio is a high-end analog delay notable for its tone, adaptability, and depth of control. The pedal’s capabilities will exceed many players’ needs, but the Bellwether is well worth a look for any musician with the desire (and the pocket change) for a delay effect that answers more serious demands. None ... ...

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Black Cat’s D&S and N-Fuzz

Located in south-central Connecticut, Black Cat blends an ear for vintage tones with an eye toward modern function and bulletproof construction. On the fuzz front, they have captured two distinct period flavors with a pair of versatile stompboxes. The D&S is a modern replica of a 1974 Maxon D&S (distortion and sustain), which itself was ... ...

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Sue Foley Announces New Album and Kickstarter Campaign with Incentives

Blues guitarist Sue Foley has announced she’ll return to her musical roots in Austin, where the blues magic began, to record her new album, Ice Queen. Foley’s seminal first record for Antone’s, Young Girl Blues, brought her to the forefront of the blues scene, playing with heavy hitters like Albert “Ice Man” Collins. Her homage to Collins, the “Master of the Telecaster,” is reflected in the title of Ice Que ...

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The Year in Gear 2016

Come with us, time travelers, as we revisit a year’s worth of axes, amps, stomps, basses, baritones, and other tools of our music-making trade—all deemed worthy of the Premier Gear Award. ...

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Trick to Help You Learn Scales Fast

Learning a scale isn’t just memorizing a pattern. In fact, it’s memorizing lots of patterns, but there’s more to it than that. Unless you actually want to sound like a robot, being able to move from position to position across the guitar neck is crucial. A common question I get from my students in Guitar Super System is often related to playing up and down the neck. Most people learning scales for the first ...

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Is Your Guitar Holding You Back?

As you strive to improve as a guitarist, you’ll encounter difficulties that are due to your own ability and some that are the result of your gear. Sometimes, however, it’s difficult to know what’s holding you back: Is it you or your guitar? That’s the subject of this video from Phillip McKnight, titled “Is Your Guitar Holding You Back?” “Whether you’re new to guitar or playing for a few years,” Phillip says ...

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