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Blues Great Ronnie Earl Announces New Album, 'Maxwell Street'

Blues guitarist Ronnie Earl has announced a new album, Maxwell Street. Maxwell Street, recorded with Earl's longtime band, the Broadcasters, is named as an homage to the late David Maxwell, a blues pianist and former member of the Broadcasters, and Chicago's Maxwell Street, where blues musicians gathered to play outside to market crowds on Sundays. “This album is dedicated to my big brother David Maxwell,” ...

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Death Angel's Rob Cavestany Talks 'The Evil Divide,' Influences and Signature Jackson Guitar

He’s been a key fixture on the Bay Area thrash metal scene for more than 30 years and still has one of the most devastating riff-hands in the business, but what Guitar World readers really want to know is… Who was the last guitarist you heard that made you shake your head and go, holy f*ck! —Kevin Joel Koski There are some players, but they’re not very new…I’m just new to catching the wave. [laughs] I’m a l ...

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Grace Potter Talks First Guitars, Nightmare Gigs and Her Beloved Flying V

For this edition of Inquirer, Guitar World sat down with singer/songwriter Grace Potter. What influenced you to pick up a guitar? Because I thought it would look cooler than me sitting down at the piano. And that’s God’s honest truth. There’s just so many girls trying to be “girl singers,” sitting at the piano, tinkling away. And my music is edgier and harder than that. And I just had to figure out how to h ...

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Perry Farrell and Dave Navarro Recount Jane's Addiction's Spectacular Rise and Fall

Bands that burn hot and fast like Roman candles—they’re closer to the truth of rock and roll than well-adjusted veterans. Jane’s Addiction weren’t meant for the long haul. They arrived like a stink bomb, jolting the giants of hair metal off their late-Eighties pedestals. Anticorporate in nature, they nonetheless stole MTV’s limelight, cramming vegetables into unlikely places and dashing for the supermarket ...

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Jimmy Page Breaks His Silence Over the “Stairway to Heaven” Lawsuit

One month ago, a jury ruled that Jimmy Page and Robert Plant were not guilty of plagiarizing the 1968 Spirit song “Taurus” for their own 1971 composition “Stairway to Heaven.” Page has said nothing public since the ruling, but this past weekend, on July 24, he broke his silence with a Facebook post. “A few weeks have past since the judgement of the Stairway to Heaven case in Los Angeles, with the jury reach ...

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Three Cool Guitar Noises

Do you want to make cool noises on guitar? Me too. Most of these sounds have been discovered on accident, as some of the best things tend to be. In your endless quest to sound original on guitar, these enchanting noises will surely aid you along the way. Noise 1: Robot Sprinkles Eddie Van Halen has his hands all over this one, among other shred lords. This mysterious artificial harmonic takes a little bit o ...

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Steve Vai Posts New Lessons: Bending Strings, Technique, "For the Love of God" and More

On July 14, TrueFire posted a series of brand-new lesson videos featuring Guitar World's current cover star, Steve Vai. While most of the clips feature lessons—and some history—pertaining to songs from Vai's 1990 masterwork, Passion and Warfare, the new video series also includes general lessons about technique. Below, you'll find lessons dedicated to "Bending Notes" and going "Deeper Than Technique." These ...

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Joe Perry to Resume Performing with Hollywood Vampires Tonight

Guitarist Joe Perry will return to the stage with the Hollywood Vampires tonight. "Joe Perry rejoins the Hollywood Vampires July 22," said Sujata Murthy, the band's publicist, in a statement to USA Today. Perry recently took some time away from the Hollywood Vampires, a supergroup comprised of himself, Alice Cooper and actor Johnny Depp, after he collapsed backstage during the band's performance at the Ford ...

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