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Zakk Wylde Demos Wylde Audio Guitars at Guitar Center

Yesterday, Guitar Center shared a new video featuring Zakk Wylde. It seems the guitarist recently visited Guitar Center's Sherman Oaks, California, location to discuss the launch of his new line of Wylde Audio guitars—which will be sold exclusively through Guitar Center. Wylde pretty much tells you everything you need to know about the new guitars, and—of course—he demos a Wylde Audio "fiddle" for the camer ...

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FireBelly Amplifiers’ Tweed 1955SE, PR3512SE

FireBelly Amplifiers’ Tweed 1955SE, PR3512SE Price: $949 (Tweed 1955SE); $1,595 (PR3512SE) Contact: The quest for vintage tone continues, and while budgetary concerns might keep many guitarists from owning the real deal, the demand has created a market for affordable hand-built amplifiers (more…) ...

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Six-String Kicks

Few things scratch America’s cumulative itch for nostalgia like Route 66 – the famed wagon-trail-cum-highway that offered passage to those migrating west from Chicago in the mid 19th century, then later became known as Main Street America.  For decades, the road provided the means to a living for entrepreneurs who set up shop offering food, […] ...

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Slayer's "Raining Blood": Acoustic Guitar Cover with Solo

And now, for reason other than the fact that we love it, here's guitarist Christophe Deremy's acoustic-guitar cover of Slayer's "Raining Blood." guitar solo and all! It's quite a scene, man. "Raining Blood" was written by Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King as the title track for Slayer's 1986 studio album. For more acoustic covers by Deremy (there's a nice "Master of Puppets" you might want to check out), follow ...

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Mesa/Boogie Mark Five: 25

Mesa/Boogie Mark Five: 25 Price: $1,299 (list) Contact: Housed in teensy cabinets, so-called “lunchbox” amps are all the rage, and to varying degrees do a nice job of living up to the phrase “Don’t let size fool you.” Mesa/Boogie’s entry in the (more…) ...

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Jesse Cook Premieres "Switchback" Performance Video

Today, Acoustic Nation presents the exclusive premiere of "Switchback," a jamming new performance video by Jesse Cook. “On March 11, the tour bus pulled up in Rockport, Massachusetts, and we discovered how crazy beautiful the theater [Shalin Liu Performance Center] was," Cook says. "Before the crew loaded in the band's gear, I set up my camera and a zoom recorder, and Nic [Nicolas Hernadez] and I recorded t ...

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