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The DIY Musician: Daddy Mojo Dolorosa Review — a Six-String Time Machine

A good guitar will play the notes you’re looking for. A great guitar will inspire new music. But an iconic guitar will transport you to another place, time or universe. The Daddy Mojo Dolorosa guitar is iconic. Daddy Mojo is a two-man guitar company run by Lenny Robert and Luca Tripaldi in Montreal, Canada. Originally inspired by homemade cigar box guitars, they have taken the primitive art and turned it in ...

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Guitar World Recommends: Washburn Heritage 20 Series WD20SCE Acoustic Guitar — Video

Guitar World Recommends shines the spotlight on new and noteworthy gear for guitarists. This week, Guitar World recommends the new Washburn WD20SCE Acoustic Guitar. From the Heritage 20 Series, the WD20SCE is a high-quality dreadnought acoustic/electric guitar that features premium Fishman electronics and a cutaway for better upper-fret access. Thanks to its solid spruce top (supported by quarter-sawn scall ...

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Gear Review: JColoccia Guitars Big Cannoli Overdrive Pedal

Without even knowing what it does, who wouldn’t want a "Big Cannoli" pedal on their pedalboard? The gang at JColoccia Guitars didn’t just put a cool name on a box; they threw in a flexible overdrive, too. The pedal knobs are Gain, Volume, Treble and Bass. In between the EQ sits a three-way toggle marked Tight, Cut and Fat. To my ears, Tight offers a creamy, compressed sound, Cut scoops the mids and Fat thic ...

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The DIY Musician: Fretted or Fretless Cigar Box Guitars — Which Is Better?

Today, I'm answering a question from a reader: Dear Shane: Is it better to learn on a cigar box guitar that has a fretted neck or one that's played with a slide? That’s a great question! When I built my first cigar box guitar more than 20 years ago, it had no frets, no fret markers and was played 100 percent with a slide. For me, that was the perfect instrument because I wanted to play the deepest Delta blu ...

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Top 10 Fender Stratocaster Facts You Probably Didn't Know — Video

In this new video (posted to the Interwebs July 5), Mark from Guitar Nerds, a U.K.-based website for guitar fans (and nerds, we reckon), counts down the top 10 Fender Stratocaster facts that you probably didn't know. For more Guitar Nerds videos, visit You also might want to try out The Six Coolest Strat Solos of All Time. Enjoy! [youtube ...

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Lace Music Announces Mando-Lace Mandolin Pickup — Demo Video

Lace Music Products has announced the Mando-Lace, a passive pickup for mandolins. This new pickup features patented Lace technology designed to bring out the most authentic reproduction of the strings through a passive magnetic pickup. The Mando-Lace needs no batteries or other equipment for installation. A holding plate is sandwiched between the saddle and the bridge, and placement of the actual pickup is ...

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Review: Line 6 Firehawk FX Multieffect Processor — Video

GOLD AWARD WINNER I love pedals. I love pedalboards. I love spending hours making custom length cables to wire entire pedalboards together (yes, I’m sick). But lately I can’t help but feel I’m wasting my time and effort, especially when I get my hands on today’s latest multieffect processors. The new Line 6 Firehawk FX is a perfect example, offering extremely powerful tone and effect processing, sophisticat ...

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Review: Truetone V3 Jekyll & Hyde Overdrive Distortion Pedal — Video

PLATINUM AWARD WINNER Visual Sound, known for their award-winning Jekyll & Hyde, Route 66 and H2O pedals and 1-SPOT power supply, has officially changed its name to Truetone. Some might say if it ain’t broke, why fix it? But fans of the brand need not worry. The company continues to build high-quality products with detailed tones and unparalleled reliability, and now they’ve managed to fittingly describ ...

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