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Review: Eventide H9 Max Harmonizer/Effect Processor — Video

PLATINUM AWARD WINNER The Eventide H9 is a revolutionary pedal that packs a ton of processing power and professional quality effects into a compact stomp box format. Of course, the most powerful version of the H9 is one that is loaded with all 45 of Eventide’s algorithms available for the unit, but many musicians balked at paying an additional $700 for remaining 35 algorithms that weren’t included as part o ...

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Charis Acoustic SJ

Charis Acoustic SJ Price: $4,800 (base); $7,100 (as reviewed) Info: The spiritual aspects of music perhaps originate with the creation of the musical instrument. To that end, Charis Acoustic builds guitars under luthier Bill Wise’s stated mission to reflect his spiritual commitment with (more…) ...

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Oddfellow Caveman Drive

Oddfellow Caveman Drive Price: $174.99 (list) Info: Handmade in California, the Oddfellow Caveman Drive is a boutique pedal whose simple layout belies its tonal complexities. But even before hooking this stompbox into your signal chain, right off the bat, you have to (more…) ...

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Dream Theater's John Petrucci Demos His Ernie Ball Music Man JP6 Guitar — Video

John Petrucci has a lot of Ernie Ball Music Man signature guitars to his, well, name. Today, we present a brand-new video that shows the Dream Theater guitarist demoing his signature JP6 model. For more information about this guitar, including photos and specs, visit [youtube] Additional Content Related Artist:  John Petrucci Drea ...

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