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Rosewood: The Blood Diamond of Music Wood

By Tom Bedell Wherever Mother Nature has given a place and its people a natural resource that is coveted by humankind, incentives for over-exploitation and corruption have unfortunately often followed. Petroleum, diamonds, silver, gold, and sandalwood are well-known examples. The rich red timber of tropical rosewood species (Dalbergia spp.) has joined this club of coveted materials. It all begins with deman ...

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Ed Sheeran and Martin Guitar Collaborate on Third Signature Edition

C.F. Martin & Co. and Ed Sheeran have joined forces once again to deliver the third in a series of Ed Sheeran Signature Artist Edition guitars. The newest installment from Martin Guitar celebrates Sheeran’s long-awaited third album, ÷. In 2013 and 2015, Martin Guitar and Sheeran unveiled their first and second collaborations, with each guitar custom designed to celebrate the artist’s first and second al ...

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Wallace Detroit Guitars Releases Limited Edition Brewster Wheeler Series

Wallace Detroit Guitars, a Detroit-based guitar manufacturer that creates unique and timeless instruments out of reclaimed wood from local landmarks, announced its limited edition Brewster Wheeler Series is now in production. The new line of exclusive instruments are constructed of wood harvested from the historic Brewster Wheeler Recreation, which was frequented by many Detroit legends including music arti ...

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Friedman Amps Launches ASC-12 500-Watt Powered Modeler/Profiler Monitor

Friedman Amplification has unveiled its new ASC-12 2-way 500-watt powered modeler/profiler monitor. From the company: The Friedman ASM-12 took the industry by storm in 2016 and has quickly become the go-to active-stage monitor for players using modelers and profilers. The new ASC-12 offers the same features and sound as the ASM-12, but in a familiar combo-style cabinet. The Friedman ASC-12 powered monitor w ...

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