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Watch Mastodon's Brent Hinds Tattoo a Child in Orange Amps' New Comedy Short — Video

Orange Amplification has teamed up with Mastodon's Brent Hinds and Killers be Killed’s Juan Montoya in their latest video. When Bobby’s dad decides to spoil his son with a surprise gift under the Christmas tree, he can't begin to guess where Bobby’s dreams will take him. When Bobby unwraps his Orange Micro Dark amp, his imagination runs wild with excitement. Orange’s new video takes you on Bobby’s journey t ...

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Supro Launches Titan, Rhythm Master and Jupiter Combo Amps — Video

Continuing to build on the successful revival of its guitar tone legacy, Supro USA announces the release of three new combo amps: the 1642RT Titan, 1668RT Jupiter and 1675RT Rhythm Master. All three of these new high-power models are intended for guitarists who crave vintage tone and all-tube reverb, with enough headroom to accommodate effects pedals. All prices shown are street prices; be sure to check out ...

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EVH Gear Introduces "Lunchbox" Sized 5150III 15W LBX Head

Don’t let the size of the new EVH 5150III 15W LBX guitar amp head fool you. The easy-to-carry “lunchbox” head is a sonic behemoth that's packaged with tons of massive tone and crunch. With five JJ ECC83S (12AX7) and two JJ EL84 tubes—for incredible high-gain sound—it performs like an arena-filling champ. Two flexible channels, the famous EVH Blue “Crunch” and Red “Full Burn,” combined with the familiar low/ ...

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Experience Bugera's G5 infinium Class-A Guitar Amp — Demo Video

Today we bring you a new demo video of Bugera Amps' G5 infinium guitar amp. It's a 5-watt Class-A tube amplifier head with Bugera's INFINIUM Tube Life Multiplier, MORPH EQ, reverb and power attenuator. In the new clip, which you can check out below, the G5 head is joined by a Bugera 212TS cabinet and a TC Electronic Ditto Looper. Features include: • Hand-built 5-Watt Class-A amplifier driven by ECC83 and 12 ...

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Fender’s Classic Player Strat HH

Fender’s Classic Player Strat HH Price: $949.99 (list) Contact: One of the great guitar myths is that pro Fender players always use single-coil pickups. Many do, of course, but many have replaced those singles with noise-free humbuckers, whether full-sized units or (more…) ...

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The History of Fuzz Pedals in Four Minutes or Less — Video

In new this video, which hit the interwebs November 1, Mark from Guitar Nerds runs through the history of fuzz pedals in four minutes "or less." It looks like the video is actually four minutes and 15 seconds long. Can he fit that much fuzz into four minutes? Find out! This is actually an entertaining, informative video, which isn't a surprise; we're fond of the clips produced by the Guitar Nerds gang, whic ...

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Review: Boss Waza Craft BD-2W, DM-2W, and SD-1W Pedals — Video

PLATINUM AWARD There are many very good reasons why Boss pedals have remained mainstays of countless pro guitarists’ pedalboards. Boss compact pedals are built like tanks, exceptionally durable and reliable, and readily available from most retailers should one ever need to be replaced, plus they sound pretty damn good. These are the qualities that have made Boss compact pedals some of the most popular produ ...

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Review: Jericho Guitars Avenger 7 Pro 26” — Video

The marketplace for solidbody electric guitars is very crowded, and most companies seem content to take a “me too” approach to extended range instruments. Jericho Guitars wisely took a different approach by specializing in long-scale and extended range guitars that are more in tune with the wants and desires of modern guitarists, both figuratively and literally. Jericho’s new Avenger 7 Pro 26”, which featur ...

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Review: Epiphone Masterbilt AJ-45ME Acoustic/Electric Guitar — Video

GOLD AWARD The J-45 is one of the most successful and popular flattop guitar models of all-time. From its introduction in 1942 through the Seventies, the J-45 was known as a “workhorse” guitar due to its affordable price and reliable performance, but as time progressed both vintage and new models, which are still produced today, became too expensive for the everyday working guitarist. Epiphone’s new Masterb ...

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