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Neunaber Announces Iconoclast Guitar Speaker Emulator

Neunaber Audio Effects proudly introduces the Iconoclast guitar speaker emulator. Placed after a pedal chain or preamp, Iconoclast shapes a guitar’s tone as a speaker cabinet would and outputs directly to headphones, powered speakers, a mixer or recording interface. Iconoclast is adjustable on-the-fly using intuitive controls and delivers consistent tone at any volume – and in virtually any setting – often ...

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Outlaw Effects Launches Rocker Box Tremolo and Deputy Marshal Plexi Distortion

Micro effect pedal company Outlaw Effects will introduce a pair of new analog guitar pedals at the 2017 Winter NAMM Show: the Rocker Box tremolo and the Deputy Marshal plexi distortion. From the company: Rocker Box is an optical tremolo pedal that allows players to unearth rich, natural-sounding tremolo effects. A Bias control adjusts the tonal complexion of the sound wave, giving the player access to every ...

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Cort Guitars Introduces NDX Baritone Acoustic-Electric

Cort’s new NDX Baritone acoustic-electric guitar is designed for guitarists who want to play in lower-than-standard tuning, but struggle with intonation and thicker strings on standard acoustic models. From the company: The Baritone is the latest addition to Cort’s NDX Series, and has a slightly elongated scale length of 27’’, making it easier to play and stay in tune in the lower B tuning. With excellent s ...

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Steve Vai Talks About Developing the New DiMarzio Dark Matter 2 Pickups

In this new video, Steve Vai discusses developing the Dark Matter 2 pickups—the result of his collaboration with DiMarzio. Dark Matter 2 pickups come standard in the new Vai signature Ibanez JEM Woody guitar and are available to purchase individually from DiMarzio. The pickups are specifically EQed to match the earthy, organic aura of the new guitar. Working with Larry DiMarzio, Vai went through a series of ...

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