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PRS Guitars Introduces New 22-Fret SE Models: SE Custom 22 and SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow

PRS Guitars has introduced two new 22-fret models to its SE Line: the SE Custom 22 and the SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow. The PRS SE Custom 22 adds an extra vintage tone and feel to the traditional SE Custom platform. This guitar has a pronounced mid-range and clarity that provides a full tonal bass and shimmering treble. Like its 24-fret brother, the SE Custom 22 sports a maple top with mahogany back and 25-inc ...

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IK Multimedia Releases Cinematic Percussion Instrument with SampleTank Custom Shop Player

IK Multimedia has announced the release of Cinematic Percussion, a new SampleTank 3 Instrument collection that's available now on the SampleTank 3 Custom Shop for Mac and PC. This collection is a massive group of samples, loops and MIDI patterns that are taken straight from instruments used to score countless blockbusters. The samples come from Greg Ellis, a percussionist whose work has been featured in Arg ...

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Review: ESP LTD V-407B Baritone Seven-String Guitar — Video

GOLD AWARD WINNER There is a surprisingly large and growing variety of baritone solidbody electric guitars to choose from these days. Baritones have become especially popular with metal guitarists who want the extended low-end range that today’s heaviest music requires and don’t want to hassle with intonation problems and floppy strings when tuning down a standard guitar. ESP offers an impressive selection ...

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Joe Satriani Demos and Discusses His Signature Ibanez JS25ART Limited Edition Guitars — Video

Although we've already reported on Joe Satriani's new limited-edition JS25ART guitars from Ibanez, we have an update! In this brand-new video—posted this month by DiMarzio—Satch demos and discusses the JS25ART guitars, which happen to feature DiMarzio Satch Track and Mo' Joe pickups. You can check it out below. “Ibanez approached me and asked if I’d do something special for the 25th anniversary,” Satriani t ...

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Guitar World Recommends: Gator Cases Aluminum Pedal Boards — Video

Guitar World Recommends shines the spotlight on new and noteworthy gear for guitarists. This week, Guitar World recommends aluminum pedal boards from Gator Cases. These pedal boards feature a universal mounting bracket provided for mounting most common power supplies beneath the board, and are angled for ease of access to pedals. They also feature cable routing perforations that make routing signal and powe ...

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How to Build the Ultimate Pedal Board for Guitarists — Video

Are you a pedal-board dunce? Fear not! In this illustrated tutorial, Guitar World shows you everything you need to know, from choosing a board to powering up and laying out your pedals. The more effect pedals you use, the more you need a pedal board. Even the most basic unpowered board can provide a useful platform to hold your pedals securely, provide cable management and keep everything from sliding aroun ...

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Orange Amplification Announces OBC210 Mini Bass Amp

Orange Amplification has announced the OBC210 Mini Bass Amp, the company's smallest conventional, non-isobaric cabinet to date. This latest cabinet is constructed using birch plywood, creating a resonant enclosure adding presence to the overall sound. The OBC210 Mini also comes complete with the Orange signature skid runners to acoustically bond the cabinet to the stage and improve bass response. Housed wit ...

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Guitar World Recommends: MXR Buffer Boost — Video

Guitar World Recommends shines the spotlight on new and noteworthy gear for guitarists. This week, Guitar World recommends the new Buffer Boost from Jim Dunlop and MXR. This tiny little gadget makes up for signal loss that can occur when combining effects; it fine-tunes signal recovery with Hi & Lo cut switches and features extra output for optional separate unbuffered signal chain. For more about this ...

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