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Review: Danelectro Baby Electric Sitar — Affordable Ticket to an Exotic Wonderland

The electric sitar is often considered a novelty instrument that’s useful only for corny Indian music simulations, but songs like Steely Dan’s “Do It Again” and Van Halen’s “Primary” prove it can be a very inspiring alternative to the usual six-string solution. The reason more guitarists haven’t explored the sonic possibilities of the electric sitar is that original Sixties examples are rare and expensive, ...

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Joe Satriani Demos DiMarzio Satch Track Neck and Mo’ Joe Pickups — Video

In this new video, posted earlier this week by the DiMarzio crew, Joe Satriani—Ibanez guitar in hand—demos and discusses DiMarzio Satch Track Neck and Mo’ Joe pickups. He also discussed his new album, Shockwave Supernova. For more about the Satch Track Neck pickup, which is described as "articulate, vocal and musical," visit its page at For more about the Mo’ Joe, which is "all about tone and ...

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Review: Minarik Guitars Studio X-Treme Series Furii — Video

Minarik is probably best known for its highly original guitar models like the Inferno, Lotus and Orchid, which feature unorthodox body shapes designed as much for function as they are for form. Minarik’s custom models start at several thousand dollars and can reach well into five figures when elaborate inlay work is added to the order. However, in recent years Minarik introduced the Studio X-Treme series mo ...

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Review: Music Man Stingray 4 Neck Through Bass — Video

PLATINUM AWARD WINNER While set neck basses have their place in history, generally the most popular models for bass players are either bolt-on neck instruments (like the Fender Precision and Jazz Bass and the Music Man StingRay) or neck-through-body designs (like the Rickenbacker 4001, Gibson Thunderbird and various Alembic and Spector models). Each version has its advantages, but now Ernie Ball Music Man h ...

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Kiesel Guitars Now Offering Luminlay Super Blue Side Dots

Kiesel Guitars and the Carvin Guitars Custom Shop have announced that they're now offering Luminlay Super Blue Side Dots on their U.S.-made guitars and basses. These glow-in-the-dark side dots are ideal for musicians performing in low-light conditions, especially on stage. The Super Blue series is the new, brighter and more powerful illuminated Blue colored side dot. The dots can be "charged" using floresce ...

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