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EVH 5150 III Mini Tube Guitar Amplifier Review – Sweetwater Sound

Get the EVH 5150 III Mini here: this video, I'm demonstrating the EVH 5150 III Mini 50-Watt Head and the matching 2x12" Straight Cabinet. As the name implies, this thing ROCKS! It's a 3-channel, tube amp that's scare-the-neighbors loud with a bunch of features that make it a serious performance amp. None of that ...

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It’s More Than A Pick: Nylon Standard

Dunlop Nylon Standard Picks provide the warmth, flexibility, and resilience harnessed by numerous guitar legends to record some of rock ‘n’ roll’s most iconic hits.For more information visit was composed and performed by Eli Nelson using a 0.73mm Dunlop Standard Nylon Pick.VIDEO CREDITS:Executive Producer: Jimmy DunlopDirector: Joey Tosi<br ...

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It’s More Than A Pick: Max Grip

Nylon Max-Grip® Picks combine the classic warmth and resilience of Nylon with a raised gripping surface for maximum control so you can play hard without dropping your pick on stage.For more information, visit was composed and performed by James Deprato using a 1.0mm Dunlop Max Grip Nylon Pick.VIDEO CREDITS:Executive ...

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It’s More Than A Pick: Gator Grip

Dunlop Gator Grip® Picks offer superior playing control and a dark, beefy sound. A matte surface allows for a tight, nonslip grip, and a molded, beveled edge provides for a smooth attack and a soft release so you can play with unimpeded intensity and dexterity.More more information, visit was composed and performed ...

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MXR Custom Shop Custom Comp Deluxe

The MXR Custom Comp Deluxe is built from the finest components available and designed with a blend of modern and classic compressor technology. At the heart of this pedal resides the legendary and rare CA3080 “metal can” IC that delivers increased dynamic range, greater transparency, and quieter operation. In addition, the MXR Custom Shop design team included RF suppression components ...

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