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Avante Gryphon

Avante Gryphon Price: $1,495 (street) Info: People bandy about the term “game changer” so often these days it barely means a thing, but the Avante Gryphon may be just that. Avante is the import line of Joe Veillette, who has long been crafting fine (more…) ...

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How to Solo on the Grateful Dead’s “Eyes of the World”

Last month, we explored a few different approaches to rhythm guitar jamming and soloing on the classic Grateful Dead song “Eyes of the World.” The song is played in the key of E major and begins with an extended one-chord vamp and groove on an Emaj7 chord, over which guitarist Jerry Garcia adds solo improvisations based on the E major scale (E F# G# A B C# D#). Later in the tune, during the guitar solo sect ...

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The Unorthodox, Percussive-Slapping Style of Singing Guitarist Raul Midón

This past month, cyber-savvy guitarists rejoiced in yet another exciting guitar video gone viral, this one featuring blind acoustic picker Raul Midón ripping though John Coltrane’s “Giant Steps” (in all 12 keys!), playing chords beneath his trademark “mouth trumpet” one moment, and the next dropping the jaws of jazz connoisseurs with his unaccompanied single-note lines, unleashed on his Traugott Model BK ax ...

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Review: Henriksen Bud Guitar Amp

Electric guitarists have enjoyed the benefits of small amps that can effectively compete with much bigger amps for nearly a decade now. However, acoustic-electric players or anyone who wants a compact amp with cleaner than clean tone and volume output that’s loud enough for playing gigs have been forgotten for the most part. The Henriksen Bud amp resolves that oversight in a grand fashion. The Bud is a 135- ...

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Review: EarthQuaker Devices Acapulco Gold Pedal

GOLD AWARD The pedal market is overcrowded with an abundance of great overdrive, distortion, and fuzz stomp boxes that for the most part are variations on one theme or another. The Earthquaker Devices Acapulco Gold comes from an entirely different place and is truly unlike any other distortion device out there. Earthquaker describes it as a power amp distortion effect that’s designed to sound like a fully c ...

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Tommy Emmanuel Lesson: Thematic Development, and the Bridge of “T.E. Ranch”

Last month, I demonstrated how to play the main theme to my tune “T.E. Ranch,” from my latest release, It’s Never Too Late. This month, I’d like to show you the tune’s bridge section.      As I’ve detailed in previous columns, I often rely on what’s commonly known as the “Merle Travis” picking style (“Travis picking,” for short) in the performance of many of my tunes, wherein the bottom three strings are al ...

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Mark Holcomb Lesson: Angular Rhythms and Unusual Chord Voicings, and more on “Mile Zero”

This month, I’d like to continue our look at the Periphery song “Mile Zero,” recorded for 2012’s Periphery II: This Time It’s Personal. Last time we looked at the tune’s 16-bar primary riff, and I’d now like to move on into the second half of the verse and pre-chorus riffs.      For this song, I’m tuned to drop-D, down a whole step, which is the tuning I use most of the time with Periphery. Low to high, the ...

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