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Electro-Harmonix Unveils New Full-Range Overdrive Pedal, The Crayon — Demo Video

The Crayon is a versatile overdrive with independent Bass and Treble controls and an open frequency range that provides players with a musical alternative to customary mid-focused overdrive pedals. Housed in a compact, pedalboard-ready enclosure, the Crayon delivers a range of sounds going from a suggestion of dirt to full-on distortion. EHX Founder and President Mike Matthews describes The Crayon as “lush ...

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The DIY Musician: The Fascinating World of Ed Stilley’s Guitars

In the pantheon of great guitar makers, Ed Stilley’s work stands alone like a castaway on its own musical island. Imperfect, bizarre and some even un-tunable to the modern equal temperament scale, his crudely made stringed instruments would make the most adventurous guitar collector shudder. And yet, his instruments (and, even more, his story) are just as fascinating as Leo Fender or C. F. Martin. A gorgeou ...

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Roland’s Blues Cube Artist

Roland’s Blues Cube Artist Price: $1,169 (list)/$899 (street) Contact: Roland has reinvented and relaunched its Blues Cube combos with a series featuring Roland’s exclusive Tube Logic design that carefully emulates the preamp and poweramp tube responses of classic tube amps. (more…) ...

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