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Holiday Gifts 2016: Four Headphones for Pristine Audio

PRIVATE DETECTIVES: Uncover what you’ve been missing in your music. (left) McIntosh Pryma Notte Carbon Two 40mm dynamic drivers, oversized 99.99% oxygen-free copper voice coil, detachable earpads. $549 pryma.com (center) Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Bluetooth and NFC pairing connectivity, headphone mounted playback controls, industry-leading noise cancellation. $350 bose.com (right) Harman Kardon Soho Wire ...

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Gretsch Introduces Limited-Edition Models

Gretsch has announced new limited-edition models of the Falcon, Penguin and Electromatic Pro Jet, each with a Bigsby tailpiece. From the company: Gretsch is pleased to announce three new Limited Edition models that elevate our most celebrated designs with striking finishes and upgraded features and appointments. Stunning in style and sound, these small batch runs are designed for players seeking a more indi ...

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No Frets Allowed: Rob Scallon's New Song Is Whammy Bar Only

Guitarist—well, multi-instrumentalist, to be more accurate—Rob Scallon is often challenged by his almost-1,000,000 YouTube subscribers to perform musical feats of skill, dexterity and daring-do. A few months ago, a few fans challenged him to create a tune in which he uses only his whammy bar—no frets, no nothing, just the whammy bar. So that's exactly what he did, after chopping off four of six guitar strin ...

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Master Sweeping by Learning the Rest Stroke

One thing I notice when working with students who want to improve their sweep picking is that, very often, they're playing separate pick strokes instead of letting the pick brush through each string with no pause in the pick's progress. This is most noticeable when trying to play or practice a sweep arpeggio at a slow tempo. Even guitarists who are able to get the sweeping motion happening just fine at quic ...

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Gretsch Introduces Three New Limited Edition Guitars

Gretsch has announced three new Limited Edition models that elevate its most celebrated designs with striking finishes and upgraded features and appointments.  Stunning in style and sound, these small batch runs are designed for players seeking a more individualized edge.   G6136TFM-DCHY Limited Edition Falcon with Bigsby and Gold HardwareDark Cherry Flame Maple (pictured below) Based on the classic ’59 Fal ...

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Full Dozen, Semi-Hollow

To complement our survey of the semi-hollow electric guitar in the February 2016 issue of VG, we tested 12 examples of the form as it exists today. Check out “Thinkin’ Thin — Heroes of the Semi-Hollow” and see pages 86-94 (may need to tap the PREVIEW button) of the digital edition. 1) DiPinto Belvedere Deluxe ... ...

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Eric Johnson Joins D’Addario Artist Roster

D’Addario has welcomed Texas guitar legend Eric Johnson to its fretted arist family. Johnson was raised in a musical household in Austin. Starting on piano as a child and taking up guitar in his early adolescence, his first influences were the Beatles, Cream and Jimi Hendrix, soon to be followed by Eric Clapton, Django Reinhardt, Jerry Reed and Chet Atkins. He joined his first professional band, Mariani, at ...

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