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Andrews Spectraverb 16

Taking inspiration from Fender’s classic AB763 Deluxe Reverb, the hand-wired Andrews Spectraverb 16 uses a pair of JJ 6V6 power tubes (producing 16 watts), a GZ34 rectifier, two 12AX7 and two 12AT7 preamp tubes, a beefed-up output transformer with 4-, 8-, and 16-ohm outputs, glass-epoxy turret boards, and a tube-driven spring reverb with limiter circuit ... ...

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Beat Portraits: Burns Volume 8

In early 2009, VG columnist Peter Stuart Kohman turned his focus on Burns, the pioneering British guitar builder. We’ve compiled installments 7 and 8 for this special edition of VG Overdrive. Watch for the complete history in the upcoming weeks. By 1965, Ormston-Burns Ltd. had become the major guitarmaker in the U.K. and, to a ... ...

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Amptweaker’s TightDrive Jr

You may remember James Brown as the mastermind at Peavey Electronics and Kustom Amplification. In addition to being the brains behind Peavey’s 5150, Classic Series, and JSX, Brown is an award-winning pedal designer. Today, he practices his artistry at Amptweaker. One of Brown’s Amptweaker designs is the TightDrive Jr, a multipurpose overdrive that takes up ... ...

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Crazy Tube Circuits SPT

The modal mellowness of Apollo’s lyre or the perky chirp of the bouzouki might come to mind when one thinks of Greek music. But Crazy Tube Circuits? From the Athens not found in Georgia, the CTC Spiral Turbulence (SPT) pedal combines a phase shifter and vibrato. An on/off stomp switch, single-throw mini switch, and four ... ...

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Ibanez BWM1 Bob Weir Cowboy Fancy

The mid ’70s were a time for bold experimentation in guitar design, particularly with electronics. Guitarists were discovering replacement pickups, coil-tapping, onboard boosters, and active EQ circuits; some loaded their axes with buttons and switches. One such guitar was the custom “Cowboy Fancy” solidbody that Ibanez made for Grateful Dead rhythm guitarist Bob Weir, circa ... ...

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Collings OM1 T

To the hands, hearts, and minds of many an experienced guitarist, an OM-size body with a 25.5″ scale feels the perfect flat-top. Spend time with Collings’ OM1 T, and you’ll likely understand. How does the new OM1 T differ from previous Collings offerings? Part of the company’s Traditional Series, it represents a return to founder ... ...

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David Allen Fat ’59 Tele Pickups

At their best, Tele pickups deliver unparalleled twang – versatile and fat. Conversely, poor T-style pickups are flat and screechy or thin and brittle. Understanding these variables and knowing the bar is high for Tele users, California pickup/pedal maker David Allen set about making the Fat ’59 Tele set. For those into the science of ... ...

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Magnatone Panoramic Stereo

Magnatone amplifiers date back to the 1940s and ’50s – the era of Hawaiian-steel guitar – and boasted pearloid-covered casework befitting the silky, exotic post-war slide-vibrato sounds of the South Pacific. But they were truly set apart from the Fender-led pack with the introduction of their “true vibrato” circuitry (and proprietary “Varistor” control). Unlike tremolo ... ...

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Soul Tramp Tweed 12

Soul Tramp Amps are builder Don Hill’s take on classic amp circuit designs… for instance, his Tweed 12 offers a spin on Fender’s Deluxe at the height of its form. The Tweed 12’s cab is made with dovetail-jointed pine and has a hardwood-ply soundboard with a pair of 10″ Weber speakers (British Alnico and Ferromax ... ...

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