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REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review

In this leisurely meander back through a week chock full of industry news, we look back at Apple Music's quiet launch of a $99/ year price tier, Elon Musk and Tesla's discussions of launching a streaming service, the Supreme Court's refusal to hear Prince/dancing baby appeal, and much more. Elon Musk, Tesla In Talks To Launch Streaming Music Service Apple Music Sneak-Launches $99/ Year Price Tier The Incred ...

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Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Being A Star • Breaking Into The Industry • Why Your Home Recording Sucks • More

On MusicThinkTank this week, we covered the difference between being a diva and an imposter, how to break into the industry as a broadway musician, how to improve your home recordings, and more! Hilde Spille | Being A Star - Between Diva Behavior And Imposter Syndrome Cherie Nelson | 3 Keys To Breaking Into The Industry As A Broadway Musician Ben Jacklin | Why Your Home Recording Sucks (And How to Fix It) S ...

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Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music

We have a whole truckload of useful advice for independent, do-it-yourself artists this week, with tips for promoting your shows on Spotify, things you simply must know about music licensing, how become verified and utilize analytics on Shazam, plus much, much more. How to Promote Your Shows To More Fans On Spotify  3 Essentials For Breaking Into The Industry As A Broadway Musician Things We Learned From Au ...

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