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Maja Partsch: Water An Original Composition And Playthrough

My channel - Maja Partsch: http://www.youtube.com/c/PerpertualBurn Hi guys! As you might have noticed, I made this composition and put it out a couple of months ago. Then I figured, that it would be quite nice to have a video playthrough, and so I had some help filming it with my SLR camera at my boyfriends apartment. Credits to Rufus Larsen for doing the filming!! While making the playthrough, I felt like ...

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Naia Izumi: Skeptical but hopeful new EP

Skeptical but hopeful https://naiaizumi.bandcamp.com/album/skeptical-but-hopefulby Naia izumi1.Vodoo 03:34 2.Skeptical but hopeful 03:52 aboutSpecial thanks to Karla Maatouk for the inspiration and The support from Bogner Amplification, Fender, Jim Dunlop. Moollon musical instrument, Old blood endeavors, KHDK electronics, Data choir, and Zen drum ! and to everyone who has bought my recent EP's <3 credits ...

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