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METALLICA's ROBERT TRUJILLO: How I Helped Recover PASTORIUS' Infamous 'Bass Of Doom'

Jaco Pastorius has long been regarded as one of, if not the, most influential bass guitarist of all time and is METALLICA bassist Robert Trujillo personal hero. So upon overhearing a phone conversation that Jaco's legendary "Bass Of Doom" had resurfaced after being missing for over twenty years, but was tied up in an ugly legal battle, Robert instinctively offered to assist the Pastorius family in its recov ...

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SISTER SIN: Entire 'Black Lotus' Album Available For Streaming

Swedish female-fronted heavy rockers SISTER SIN will release their fifth studio album, "Black Lotus", on October 27 via Victory. The CD is now available for streaming in its entirety below. SISTER SIN vocalist Liv Jagrell tells about "Black Lotus": "We always grow a little bit more into the metal scene for each record we do. But that's our roots. It's the really old kind of metal stuff. But als ...

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Park Amplifiers Releases Limited Edition 75 Head

Park Amplifiers, which was resurrected last January by industry veteran Mitch Colby (formally Korg, Marshall and Vox) has brought back high-quality vintage, British-style amplifiers to discerning guitarists worldwide. Already in the hands of discriminating guitar players, collectors and artists alike, Park amps are newly built amps that bring back the sound, feel and vibe of the best amps originally made in ...

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Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jeff Beck Perform “Going Down” in 1989

By Damian Fanelli Twenty-five years ago this week, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jeff Beck kicked off their one and only tour together. The trek, dubbed “The Fire Meets the Fury,” kicked off October 25, 1989, in Minneapolis and wrapped up December 3 in Oakland. I was lucky enough to catch one particularly awesome show during that tour — November 11, 1989, at New York City’s Madison Square Garden. I’ll never forget ...

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Guthrie Govan: 20 Essential Guthrie Licks

20 Essential Guthrie LicksThere is no doubt that Guthrie Govan is the king of improvisation and is one of the biggest influences on guitar players around the world today. So to really help understand just how his brain works as he weaves around the fretboard we picked out 20 of his best licks from his mountain of JTC content and drafted in Guitar Breakdown expert David Clayton to thoroughly analyse them. An ...

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