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Alessandro Benvenuti: E.S.P. SOLO Playthrough

This is a Playthrough of the E.S.P. short solo from The Elba Triangle.You can find the full explanation note by note in the next digital issue of Axe Magazine (www.axemagazine.it) out in few days!To order a physical copy of the CD, send me an email: alessandrobenvenuti@hotmail.comAlessandro Benvenuti - E.S.P. SOLO Playthrough[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yb880yT_tNQ&w=560&h=315] ...

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Joe Basílio: Excelsis – This is one of 5 songs that are in my instrumental work

Excelsis - Joe Joezer Basílioo Already know my EP EXCELSIS? This is one of 5 songs that are in my instrumental work. Check it out !!!! TO ACQUIRE ACCESS: www.newwalkproducoes.com / home or on all digital platforms. Itunes, Google play ... Every good gift and every perfect gift come from on high..Thiago 1:17Excelsis - Joe Basilio[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrATvDSzvrg&w=560&h=315] ...

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Dave Dunsire: 96 Quite Bitter 8 strings

Meme inspired but this song rules- full song in soundcloud link belowhttps://soundcloud.com/davedunsire/dd-96-quite-bitter-beings-coverwww.davedunsire.cominstagram-daveguitarfreak96 Quite Bitter 8 strings[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycVbZ_4fJug&w=560&h=315] ...

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Guitar Idol: number 8 – a chance for guitarists across the world to show their talent,

Since 2008, Guitar Idol has been the leading outlet for guitarists across the world to show their talent, find an audience, win some serious prizes, and launch a career in the music industry. Last year our finalists were chosen from over 1000 entries from 50 countries and represented the best emerging players on the planet. The Sold out final at the 100 Club in London was the gig that changed their lives an ...

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Maru Martinez: ámbar – guitar playthrough –

hi! here's a song i've been working on intermittently for the past couple months. written, recorded & mixed at home. my friend Fanny is super awesome and talented and she did some backing/layer vocals for this as well!also, apologies for the really noisy image at points - my camera couldn't handle low lighting as well as i thought it would.https://www.facebook.com/marumartinezfaustinstagram @marumartine ...

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Alex Machacek: Cruise to the Edge 2017 @ Série Echoes

A virtuous performance during Cruise to the Edge 2017.In my opinion one of the best Fusion guitarists currently !!Important: this video is only for the event's announcement and musician. Not for commercial purposesAlex Machacek - Cruise to the Edge 2017 @ Série Echoes[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K81R_KzCOpw&w=560&h=315] ...

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Robert Earl Keen Announces Christmas Tour

Robert Earl Keen will present his most extensive holiday tour yet with the all-new REK’s Fam-O-Lee Back to the Country Jamboree. Now in its sixth year, Keen’s holiday tours have become a family tradition in his native Texas and beyond. The set list includes Keen classics like “Merry Christmas from the Family,” as well as a tip of the hat to legendary musicians like Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Dwight Yoakam and Ne ...

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