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BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE To Perform Entire 'The Poison' Album Live For First Time

Welsh metallers BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE will perform their 2005 debut album, “The Poison”, in its entirety for the first time ever at their Manchester, U.K. show on December 4.

The band added a second date at the Manchester Academy after the first show — on December 3 — sold out. Supported at the concerts will come from KILLWITCH ENGAGE and CANE HILL.

Asked by May The Rock Be With You what the one thing is that has stayed the same throughout his time in the band, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE frontman Matt Tuck said: I think everyone’s attitude of how they want to be in the band, just wanting to be the best band that we can be. We’ve never wanted to be a band that just is what it is, we’ve always thrived to be the biggest band in the world, and that’s a very big statement to have [laughs], and a big goal to try and achieve that, and I think we’ve done incredibly well in having that ambition that served us so well. You know, we’re never satisfied with anything — we always want bigger and better and above — and I think that’s the one thing that has never changed: that ambition to be the biggest band that we can be.”

Regarding what the main thing is that he takes from the experience of making and playing music for close to twenty years, Tuck said: “To just love what we do and just be happy with what we do. It’s very easy to listen to other people’s opinions, but the one thing we’ve learned as the albums have gone on is that we have to make ourselves happy; we have to be selfish in that way because we’re the ones that have to stand by it and fight for it should anyone kind of feel otherwise. As soon as you start writing for the wrong reasons, it just kind of becomes not selling out, but it just doesn’t feel real anymore, nothing you can genuinely be proud of, and that’s something we’ve learnt as our records have gone on — to just make ourselves happy before anyone else, because at least if that goes tits up, at least our heads can be high as we did what we wanted to do and how we wanted to do it, basically.”


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