Bass Guitar Heroes

Below is an alphabetical list of some players that influenced the bass guitar world. It’s an ongoing list so please send suggestions and corrections to the PSS editor.

Babbitt, Bob
Balzary, Michael “Flea” (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Barrett, Aston
Black, Bill
Bogert, Tim
Bruce, Jack (Cream)   
Burton, Cliff
Burton, Cliff (Metallica)   
Butler, Geezer (Black Sabbath)   
Casady, Jack
Clarke, Stanley
Claypool, Les (Primus)   
Collins, Bootsy (Funkadelic)   
Cox, Billy
Deacon, John
Dixon, Willie
Edwards, Bernard
Entwistle, John
Gallup, Simon
Graham, Larry (Sly & The Family Stone)
Hamm, Stu
Harris, Steve (Iron Maiden)  
Hook, Peter
Jamerson, James
James, Rick
Johnson, Louis
Jones, John Paul (Led Zeppelin)  
Kaye, Carol
King, Mark Level 42  
Kingsbury, Phil
Lake, Greg
Lee, Geddy (Rush)   
Lesh, Phil
Levin, Tony
Martini, Craig
Martini, Ryan (Mudvayne)   
McCartney, Paul (The Beatles)  
Myung, John
Oakley, Berry
Pastorius, Jaco
Porter Jr., George
Prestia, Rocco
Priest, Steve
Rainey, Chuck
Rourke, Andy
Sheehan, Billy
Simonon, Paul
Squire, Chris (Yes)   
Thomas, Bruce
Waters, Roger (Pink Floyd)  
Watt, Mike
Wetton, John
Weymouth, Tina
White, Verdine
Wooten, Victor
Wyman, Bill

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