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The Fab Faux at the Beacon Theatre (A Gallery)

The Fab Faux brought the music of The Beatles to life at the Beacon Theatre with a two-set show that included appearances from The Hogshead Horns and the Creme Tangerine Strings as the group recreated classic Beatles records. Dino Perrucci shared some photos from the show.  ...

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John Mayer is Ready for Dead & Company Tour Because He’s Dropping LSD Jokes on Twitter

Dead & Company's tour kicks off proper at Madison Square Garden on November 12 but the band will play a show this Friday as a part of the wildfire benefit show in San Francisco and it appears John Mayer is ready to go. Not only did the guitarist share on social media earlier this week that he's heading out west, but the social media humor has quickly switched to LSD jokes that surely killed at... ...

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A Reminder That Carlos Boozer Has the Best Prince Story

Today is a slow day, so let's remember a great Prince story courtesy of former NBAer Carlos Boozer who learned not to rent his Beverly Hills home to Prince unless he was planning on renovations. As Boozer and former Duke teammate Jay Williams told ESPN, the Duke star and eventual member of the Utah Jazz and Chicago Bulls (among others) rented his home to the late rock icon in 2011 only to... ...

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Mutemath: Play Dead

Is it because frontman Paul Meany sings with an earnestness rare in modern rock? Or that their lyrics occasionally grapple with spiritual themes? Or because their former label, to their detriment and extreme irritation, once marketed them as a “Christian” band? For whatever reason, Mutemath remain one of alternative music’s most unfairly marginalized bands. After the synth-pop... ...

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The Copper Children: What We Are

The Copper Children hail from Denver, and their music is certainly influenced by the kind of airy free spirit that only the Rocky Mountains can foster. Their sophomore album, What We Are, continues in the folky vein of their 2014 debut, delivering nine tracks that go down easy and highlight lead singer Zea Stallings’ clear, crisp vocals and the band’s ear for harmony and familiar-sounding... ...

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Spirited Away: John McLaughlin and Jimmy Herring

When Miles Davis offers career advice, it’s best to heed his words. This was the conclusion that guitarist John McLaughlin reached in 1971 when Davis suggested that the time was right for him to go off and explore his instincts and vision as a songwriter and bandleader. The British guitarist had arrived in America a couple of years earlier to join the Tony Williams Lifetime, recording two... ...

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John McLaughlin and Jimmy Herring at the Capitol Theatre (A Gallery)

Legendary guitarist John McLaughlin and Widespread Panic's Jimmy Herring presented a collaborative night at the Capitol Theatre over the weekend, with McLaughlin playing with his 4th Dimension, Herring offering up a set of his Invisible Whip project and then the two combined for a set that looked back at the catalog of the Mahavishnu Orchestra. Marc Millman shared some photos from the show.  ...

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Watch Umphrey’s McGee Pull a Switcheroo for Beastie Boys Cover Debut

Umphrey's McGee gave Madison something special for their final performance of a two-night stand when they debuted a cover of Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" with a unique twist.Coming out for the encore, each band member filled a different role as the group pulled the ol' switcharoo with Brendan Bayliss taking on the bass, Jake Cinninger on keys, Joel Cummins on guitar, Andy Farag on drums, Kris... ...

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Here’s Woody Harrelson Dancing as LBJ with Important Message from Bob Weir

Woody Harrelson will portray President Lyndon Johnson in the new biographical film LBJ which came out last Friday, and it appears not every moment on set was as tense as the content covered in the film. A video posted by Bob Weir shows Harrelson (who is a longtime Grateful Dead fan and friend of Weir) in full LBJ dress dancing like a loon with an important message from the Grateful Dead... ...

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