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Please Explain This Father John Misty Video To Me

There's McCauley Culkin as Kurt Cobain, Josh Tillman dressed as some sort of Ronald McDonald/George Washington mashup giving birth to some kind of demon puppet baby inside of him, and a whole lot more fuckery. The song itself, along with Tillman's entire Pure Comedy, is real, real good. This video is also pretty good depending on the various chemical levels in your body at a given... ...

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Pat Riley Travels the World to See Bruce Springsteen, Spends Lazy Malibu Days Listening to Jason Isbell

In a comprehensive, incredible new feature on legendary NBA coach and executive Pat Riley by ESPN's Wright Thompson, the current President of the Miami Heat (and boss of a coach who almost turned down his interview to go to a Grateful Dead show) reveals how music gets him through some of the tougher moments of his career as well as choice listening while lounging oceanside in Malibu. Riley's... ...

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Yes, I Too Wanted This Radiohead Cover of “Gasolina” to be Real

You know what they say, some things are too good to be true. Or something like that. Thom Yorke is known for his slick dance moves and at a recent show in Berkeley, CA, put those on display to "Myxomatosis." Sadly, that's the true version of events and the below isn't factual as someone overdubbed the reggaeton hit "Gasolina" over Yorke's gyrations and it's simply the greatest thing the... ...

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The Feelies: In Between

The Feelies have always been mercurial; it’s hard to get a solid feel for them, if you will. In their original incarnation, from 1976-92, they virtually invented the lo-fi, indie chill-rock that has since been taken up by countless others. They always made it sound so effortless. A couple of busily strummed chords over all sorts of—to borrow their debut album’s title—crazy rhythms. The... ...

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Lady Gaga on Anastasio & Weir Covering Her Song: “Such a dream come true”

Over the weekend, we told you about Bob Weir and Trey Anastasio coming together for a few choice acoustic covers during Weir's set at Wanee that included a surprise take on Lady Gaga's latest single "Million Reasons." Well, word got back to Gaga (who was a Grateful Dead fan growing up) and she couldn't be more thrilled. "Legends covering 'Million Reasons,'" she wrote. "Wow. Trey & Bob I'm so... ...

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#AddASportsTeamRuinABand is a Very Good Twitter Hashtag

The intersection between sports and music has always fascinated me and it happened again today with the #AddASportsTeamRuinABand hashtag that spread across the Twitter world. A lot of Twitter hashtags are bad. This hashtag is very, very good. Prince and the New England Revolution #AddASportsTeamRuinABand— Steve McPherson (@steventurous) April 24, 2017 @steventurous Bob Marley and the Hartford... ...

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Anders Osborne at Teragram Ballroom

photo credit: Jim BrockIn a shift from the Troubadour, a venue at which he’s made his last three appearances in Los Angeles, to downtown L.A.’s Teragram Ballroom, Anders Osborne returned to the basics of his heavyweight brand of rock and roll. Fronting his New Orleans-based quartet, Osborne lit the fuse on a 15-minute “Sarah Anne,” with its reggae kick morphing into an extended... ...

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Roger Waters, Thurston Moore and Many Others are Urging Radiohead to Not Play Israel Show

Radiohead are among a number of artists slated to play in Israel this summer, with a July 19 gig in Tel Aviv on their schedule as of now, but many artists and celebrities alike are urging the band to reconsider their decision to play due to the country's occupation of Palestinian land. In an open letter signed by the likes of TV On the Radio's Tunde Adebimpe, Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore and... ...

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