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Digitech Supernatural Ambient Reverb

Read more about Digitech Supernatural Ambient Reverb at Although it's been available exclusively from American retailer Pro Guitar Shop since 2012, the Supernatural has only just been unleashed upon the UK."Huge soundscapes are this pedal's speciality"Its seven presets utilise authentic Lexicon algorithms, and although these settings include spring and plate modes, huge soundscapes are this p ...

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Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus

Read more about Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus at Voodoo Lab was the first mainstream company to provide high-quality isolated power supplies for pedals, and the Pedal Power 2 has become the go-to device.The latest version, the Pedal Power 2 Plus, has plenty of juice for a medium-sized pedalboard, and some useful features not found elsewhere – such as a 'sag' knob on two of the outlets, for tu ...

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Cioks DC10

Read more about Cioks DC10 at Based in Denmark, Cioks has several power supplies in its own range, and also makes the PowerFactor for Eventide. The DC10 is the sort of supply that would be well suited to a medium-sized pedalboard.It has no fewer than 10 outlets in eight isolated sections – outlets seven and eight share the same ground, as do nine and 10.We like the Swiss army knife approach o ...

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T-Rex Fuel Tank Junior

Read more about T-Rex Fuel Tank Junior at The Junior is the smallest of the four units in the T-Rex Fuel Tank range, but we've chosen to spotlight it, as it seems the perfect no-nonsense choice for a small board of up to five pedals.You get five isolated 9V outputs, each capable of putting out 120mA, so it will easily powera set of five standard pedals.In addition, you can use two of the outp ...

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Visual Sound 1 Spot Combo pack

Read more about Visual Sound 1 Spot Combo pack at Originally named because it takes up just one electrical output spot, the 1 Spot offers a 9V DC output, with 1700mA of current available.It lacks multiple isolated outlets like the rest on test, but this useful wall wart will power multiple pedals if you daisy chain them.Five- way and eight-way daisy chain connectors are available, as are plug ...

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IK Multimedia AmpliTube Orange for iPad

Read more about IK Multimedia AmpliTube Orange for iPad at IK Multimedia has partnered with Orange for the release of two new iOS apps, AmpliTube Orange for iPhone/iPod touch and AmpliTube Orange for iPad."The app comes with a bunch of presets, so you can dive straight in and start playing"What you get in this mobile effects studio are five Orange guitar amp models and one bass amp model, eac ...

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VIDEO: Joe Bonamassa's Gibson Les Paul tone tips guitar lesson

Read more about VIDEO: Joe Bonamassa's Gibson Les Paul tone tips guitar lesson at Want to throw away your pedalboard, plug straight into your amp and use your guitar's onboard controls as tone-shaping tools? Joe shows you how...For a private guitar lesson from Joe Bonamassa full of hot blues licks to learn, buy Guitarist magazine issue 384, on sale 25 July 2014. Read more about VIDEO: Joe Bon ...

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Larry Carlton: 10 questions

Read more about Larry Carlton: 10 questions at 1. What was your first guitar, and when did you get it?"The first guitar that I played belonged to my mother when she was a teenager, because she played guitar in south-eastern Oklahoma when she was growing up. She played rhythm guitar, and her father played the fiddle – and they would play at some of the local dances and at church. That guitar h ...

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