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Anderwood Style 1 M

Read more about Anderwood Style 1 M at We'd better start with some brief history. Hermann Weissenborn was a German ex-pat who relocated to the US around the start of the 20th century. Working for various companies and then under his own name, he built guitars in Los Angeles, notably in the 1910s and 20s, when the kind of guitar you see on these pages was conceived.Following the trend for Hawa ...

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On the radar: Vulkano

Read more about On the radar: Vulkano at Sweden's riotous psychedelic post-punks Vulkano rose lava-like from a fault line created by the dissolution of Those Dancing Days. "I wanted this band to be different to traditional pop music," explains frontwoman Cissi Efraimsson. "We wanted to come up with something animalistic – closer to nature and mysticism."Album Live Wild Die Free certainly hits ...

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Gibson unveils Joe Bonamassa "Skinnerburst" 1959 Les Paul

Read more about Gibson unveils Joe Bonamassa "Skinnerburst" 1959 Les Paul at Gibson has unveiled the Joe Bonamassa "Skinnerburst" 1959 Les Paul.The latest signature to bear the Bonamassa name is a replica of his favoured '59 Les Paul, which Gibson has brought its full armoury of scanning technology to bear on, examining the guitar down to the slightest curve and ding to get exact measurments. ...

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How to add distortion to your drums

Read more about How to add distortion to your drums at Get real, edgy, biting grit into your drum sound with a little touch of deliberate distortion. We show you how to get creative, while avoiding overload...Not so long ago the words 'distortion' and 'electric guitar' were inseparable. Now, while it's true that guitarists still rely on a range of distortion treatments to form many popular so ...

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Nils Lofgren talks guitars, Springsteen, Neil Young and box set Face The Music

Read more about Nils Lofgren talks guitars, Springsteen, Neil Young and box set Face The Music at Come June, guitarist Nils Lofgren begins his fourth decade as a member of the E Street Band. But for the millions of fans who have come to know the versatile, multi-talented musician (and recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee) for his long tenure with The Boss, there is also a loyal group of ...

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Red Witch Seven Sisters Ruby

Read more about Red Witch Seven Sisters Ruby at Another of Red Witch's diminutive Seven Sisters stompbox range, the Ruby offers a functional two-knob fuzz, and 300 hours of use from a single charge of it's lithium battery, alternatively/in addition you can use a 9v adaptor."Ruby's not a polite lady; what she gives you is raucous, spitty fuzz with an attitude. We like it"Volume and fuzz knobs ...

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Who was the greatest Strat player of the '50s?

Read more about Who was the greatest Strat player of the '50s? at 60 DAYS OF STRAT: As part of our epic celebration of all things Stratocaster, over the next few weeks we're setting off on a voyage through Strat history to settle it once and for all: who was the greatest player ever to strap on a Strat?We'll be travelling through each decade of the Strat's existence, collating your votes as w ...

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