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15% Of Pandora’s 100M Users ‘Intend’ To Upgrade To Paid Premium

Pandora has told shareholders that it projected signing up 6 - 9 million paid subscribers to its newly launched Premium on-demand streaming service in 2017.  But a survey of users suggests that the number could be much higher. _______________________________ 15% of Pandora's 100 million monthly free streaming customers intend to upgrade to its paid service this year, according to a survey by Piper Jaffray a ...

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Google Stock Fell Again Friday As YouTube Ad Boycott Continues

Shares of Google fell 4.5% Friday, continuing a multi-day downward trend. At one point Friday, the stock was down almost 9%. The drop came as a growing number of major advertisers boycotted Google and YouTube, after it was revealed their ads have appeared alongside videos promoting terrorism and offensive content. _________________________ AT&T, Verizon, Johnson & Johnson, GSK and Enterprise Holding ...

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Follow The Money: Solutions For Google’s Issue With Defrauded Advertisers

After YouTube's debacle with their advertising partner's content appearing alongside hate videos, Google is looking for a way solving it's defrauded advertiser issue before more companies pull out, something which can likely be done tracing the money. ________________________ Guest post by Chris Castle of Music Tech Solutions   "Americans are freedom loving people, and nothing says freedom like getting away ...

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5 Things Record Labels Look For

While producing quality music is certainly important, and a big part of record labels taking notice of your music, getting a label deal requires more than that. Here we review the five essential things labels consider before offering an artists a deal. _______________________ In this post on MusicThinkTank, Joe Pacheco outlines five elements labels take into consideration in advance of offering any kind of ...

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Music Publishing Update 3.24.17: The Drake Effect

By now you've probably heard--or at least heard about--the momentous latest release from hip-hop artist, Drake, More Life.  Drake describes the work not as an album or mixtape, but "a body of work bridging the gap between major releases," a playlist of sorts.   The work features 22 tracks of varying genres, featuring many guest artists and some not featuring Drake at all.  In this way he fills the role of a ...

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Slacker Radio Is "On The Cusp Of Profitability,” says CEO

“We are comfortable with the idea of being at a smaller scale,” said Slacker CEO Duncan Orrell-Jones commenting on the unsustainable losses of his larger competitors. “We are on the cusp of profitability,” he added.  ____________________________ The revelation that Slacker Radio was close to becoming a profitable company came during a Music Ally interview with CEO Duncan Orrell-Jones. “We are comfortable wi ...

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Tips And Advice For Touring In Australia

Whether you're a local artist or flying in from overseas, we here provide a set of helpful tips for any band or artist on how to successfully navigate a tour on one of the least populous countries in the world. _____________________ Guest post from Ditto Music Thinking of touring Australia? Whether you’re a local Aussie band, or coming from abroad, here are some tips that may help you navigate your way acro ...

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10 Amazing Things I Found At SXSW [Kosha Dillz}

SO many great things I discovered in SXSW," writes indie rapper and self-promoter extraordinaire Kosha Dillz. "Here are 10 things that I discovered that I didn’t know existed and I need in my life for longer periods of time besides SXSW." _________________________ SXSW was great this year. It was my 10th year. This year I didn’t end up with any diseases (sexual transmitted or regular) hives, broken feet and ...

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Conceptualizing Music Stories For The Snapchat Generation [Bas Grasmayer]

Whether you're a user of the service of not, Snapchat, and the app's design and overall aesthetic, have had a profound impact on the social/tech industry landscape. How this will effect the music industry, however, remains uncertain. _______________________ Guest post by Bas Grasmayer of Music Tech Future Whether you’ve ever used Snapchat or not, you have felt the influence of the social app’s design choice ...

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