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Announcement Of Latin Grammy Nominees Delayed Indefinitely By Natural Disasters

The Latin Recording Academy has postponed the announcement of nominations for the 18th annual Latin Grammy Awards in the aftermath of a deadly and powerful earthquake that affected Mexico this week, as well as the lingering devastation from hurricanes Irma and Harvey. In a statement announcing the delay, Latin Recording Academy President Gabriel Abaroa Jr. said: "As an outgrowth of the terrible and tragic r ...

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Spotify Takes A Crack At Music Sharing With New Messaging App

To make sharing easier for both paid and freemium users, Spotify has launched its own Facebook iMessage app which allows users to search for, share and send tracks and playlists from Spotify's library of 40 million songs. _________________________ In an effort to make sharing music on Spotify easier, the platform has launched its own version of Apple’s Messages that lets users listen to previews of suggeste ...

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Concord Music Acquires Savoy Label Group, 429 Records

[UPDATED] Indie music powerhouse Concord Music continues its buying streak with this acquisition of the Savoy Label Group. Details of the deal were not disclosed. In June, Concord acquired music publisher Imagem at a record breaking price reported to be between $500 million and $600 million. The combined companies create the world's sixth largest music publishing company. The 3000 album strong Savoy catalog ...

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Why Moving To Brooklyn Isn’t Necessary For Your Band To Make It Big

Thanks in part to an idea perpetuated by popular culture, many fledgling bands and artists enter the industry under the assumption that moving to a densely populated area is a requirement to achieving success. This is untrue, however, and doing so can sometimes be a setback. _____________________________ Guest post by Patrick McGuire on the TuneCore Blog [Editors Note: Patrick McGuire is a writer, composer, ...

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Metadata Explained And 7 Key Reasons Songwriters Should Manage It Themselves

Although the term is thrown around often as an issue which needs fixing in the music business, particularly where streaming is concerned, what it is and why it's important for songwriters to manage their own is often unclear. Here we work to explain those details. _____________________ Guest post by Niclas Molinder of the Music Rights Awareness Foundation and Auddly This is a guest post by Niclas Molinder, ...

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FREE WEBINAR: How To (Properly) Release Music Online

Confused about the best ways to release music online? From selling direct to fans, to selling on stores like iTunes and Amazon, there are many options. But getting your music up for sale is the easy part. The key is to have a strategy for where your music goes up for sale, and when.   ___________________________________________ Join Bandzoogle team members Dave & Allison for this free webinar to find ou ...

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RIAA Releases State Of Music Business Mid-2017: Streaming Subscriptions Drive Revenue Growth

Amazingly enough, 2017 is halfway gone already which means it's time to take stock of the music industry as a whole, looking at where revenue has increased and how companies have been able to adapt to a rise in the popularity of streaming. __________________________ Guest post by Cary Sherman, Chairman & CEO of the RIAA on Medium Today we report the state of the U.S. music business mid-way through 2017. ...

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Chatbots: Reality Or Hype?

Chatbots, also known simply as bots or interactive agents, are programs designed to mimic human conversation via text or audio. The implication of these programs for the music industry could be huge assuming that it isn't all just hype.   ______________________ Guest post by Moses Namara of The Message A chatbot is a computer program that is made to mimic a human in order to conduct a conversation either vi ...

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Patreon Just Raised $60M, Now YouTube Is Gunning For It with Fan ‘Sponsorships

Patreon announced yesterday that it had raised an additional $60 Million to expand its fan-to-creator patronage site.  Now Google's YouTube is gunning for the startup, which has become a popular revenue tool for many of its creators, with it's own Patraon-like fan "sponsorship" tools. Based on old-school patronage, Patreon enables fans and sponsors to support musicians and other creators. Patrons pledge to ...

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