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This Week In Music Commentary

Music industry commentators this week discussed whether streaming killed song intros, why TV is perfect for artists who don't fit the radio model, and why we shouldn't expect major internet companies to do anything to save net neutrality. Survival Of The Shortest: Did Streaming Kill Song Intros? Digital Music Strategist Andrew Woloz Shares His Song Stories TV Is Perfect For Artists Who Don’t Fit Radio 'Mold ...

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Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Why Music Careers Fail • EPK• Karoke To Relieve Stress • More

MusicThinkTank this week shared articles on why so many music careers fail, why artists must have an EPK, how singing can relieve stress, plus more. Tom Hess | Seven Steps Musicians Take In The Wrong Order – Why Many Music Careers Fail Jo Pacheco | The Top Five Reasons Having An EPK Is Important Camila Rabin | Karaoke: The Funnest Way To Relieve Stress Joe Pacheco | Why You Don’t Need A Record Label To Be S ...

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Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music

Our tips and advice for independent, self-starter artists this week covered how to make the best use of YouTube Analytics, how to make the touring process easier, why you don't need a record label to achieve industry success and more. YouTube Analytics For Musicians 10 Steps To Making Touring Easier You Don't Need A Record Label To Be Successful Acing The Basics Of Social Media To Grow Your Followers 10 Pat ...

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Today Is Record Store Day – GO BUY SOMETHING

Today, Saturday 4/22, is the 10th Record Store Day, with hundreds of independent record stores celebrating a resurgence that most thought would never happen. Thanks to vinyl, survival skills and loyal fans, these stores are, for the most part, experiencing a resurgence. But that will only continue if you turn off your computer, put your phone down and go buy something.   You're trip to you local independent ...

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TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot

The most popular articles on Hypebot this week dug into Universal Music's potential cancelling of its Prince deal, eight free social media tools every artist should be using, the Beib's big 2017 debut, and much more. Purple Pain: Universal Music Ponders Cancelling Prince Deal 8 FREE Social Media Tools You Should Start Using Now TV Is Perfect For Artists Who Don’t Fit Radio 'Mold’ - ‘Big Little Lies’ Standou ...

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REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review

In this meander back through the biggest music industry news from the past seven days, we revisit Apple Music's challenge of Spotify as streaming leader, whether streaming has actually stopped or merely slowed piracy, 2017's Record Store Day, and more! Record Store Day 2017: A Reminder That Americans Still Buy Music At 32 Million Subscribers, Apple Music Challenges Spotify As Streaming Leader Spotify For Ar ...

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Playlist Placement’s Critical Role In Having Your Music Discovered

While radio may have once been the means of making or breaking a hit, the onset of the streaming age means the playlist is now the primary avenue for listener discovery. Unsurprisingly, this has given rise to a new form of payola, with companies emerging that specialize in getting artists' music on playlists...for a fee. __________________________ Guest post by Bobby Owsinski on Music 3.0 While radio airpla ...

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The Art Of Using Cover Songs To Grow Your Audience

Many artists may have conflicted feelings about cover songs, for although they can be fun to play and offer an easy way to connect with your audience, it can also be irritating when cover songs are all an audience wants, or when they get more attention than original compositions. Here we look at the best way to make cover songs work for you. ______________________________ Guest post by Dave Kusek of DIY Mus ...

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Google Play Music Becomes Default Music Service On All Samsung Mobile Devices

Apple Music got a huge leg up as the default music services on tens of millions of iPhones and other Apple Devices. Now Google Play Music is getting a similar boost via an exclusive relationship with the globe's #2 phone maker Samsung. _____________________________________ Google Play Music is now the exclusive default music player on Samsung phones and other mobile devices. The partnership began with the G ...

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