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2006 Gibson Vegas Standard semi-hollowbody flat-top oddity

guitarz.blogspot.com: The Gibson Vegas Standard was only produced for two years; I'm guessing it just wasn't traditional enough a Gibson for most guitarists' tastes. Whilst many of the features of the guitar are Gibson trademarks - the Trini Lopez "diamond" soundholes, the Firebird headstock - to have them embodied onto a single instrument was quite unusual. Even more unusual is the fact that the Vegas is a ...

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Rare 1967 Fender "Smuggler’s" Telecaster offered for sale on eBay

guitarz.blogspot.com: While this may look like a pretty ordinary Fender Telecaster, albeit quite a nice vintage example with a naturally aged faded blonde finish, I'm sure by now you'll know that certain vintage Fender guitars can command some quite staggering prices. Indeed, all is not as it first seems, for if you remove the pickguard on this Tele, it's revealed to be a rare example of a "Smuggler's" Tele ...

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13-foot tall playable giant Fender Strat offered for sale on eBay

guitarz.blogspot.com: I believe I linked through to the (now defunct) website for these giant guitars in the very early days of this blog. I had wondered what had become of these giant guitars (there was a Strat and a Tele) and now it seems that the Strat has turned up on eBay. I'm not sure of the builder's name (he's Ujaxman on Mice Pace and YouTube) but he hand-built the giant Tele and Strat and has been ...

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Teisco Spectrum 4 – 1960s Japanese guitar, four pickups, hot pink finish!

guitarz.blogspot.com: We've looked at a Teisco Spectrum 4 previously here on Guitarz but it's such a cool guitar that it warrants looking at again, and seeing as there is another example being offered for sale on eBay and it's finished in hot pink, I couldn't resist posting it here for you all to see. It's in fantastic condition, probably better than the blue example we looked at before which was missing on ...

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Vintage & Rare Guitar of the Week: The Lanzi Telecarla from Argentina

guitarz.blogspot.com: Last month here on Guitarz we looked at a bass from Argentinian luthiers Lanzi Instruments, namely the Lanzi Mk1 Rick Bass which takes the famous Rickenbacker 4000 series bass design as a starting point and boldy updates it for the 21st Century. Here we see a left-handed Lanzi Telecarla W. Herrera Signature model in gloss white, which takes Leo Fender's classic design for a certain 62 ...

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A German take on the Coronado

guitarz.blogspot.com This Fender Coronado vintage copy doesn't sport the name of the German company that released it probably in the 1970s, and though these special pickguard and headstock shapes look familiar, right now I can't figure the brand - can anybody help? I love the very Americana-style red/cream gradient paint job and the checked binding, it recalls the fascination German had for Americ ...

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Fender Classical Stratocaster – nylon strung Strat from Japan

guitarz.blogspot.com: Here's another apparently "pickup-less" solidbody, this time it's a Fender Stratocaster Classical from Fender Japan. It's equipped with piezo pickups in the bridge saddles and is strung with nylon strings. I'm really curious to know what those nylon strings sound like with the Strat tremolo. It's not something that classical guitar usually calls for, although I doubt this would be used ...

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What’s that guitar? New Sound budget electric guitar

guitarz.blogspot.com: Jimi writes: Hi  My name is Jimi Cullen. I am a musician from Ireland. I have been following your blog now for some time and absolutely love it. It's really great for building ideas as well as identifying unusual guitars. I have spent many hours looking through all the great stuff. Thank you. The other day I picked up a guitar that I have been unable to identify and cannot find on ...

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Late 1980s Washburn SBT-21 piezo-powered Tele

guitarz.blogspot.com: This Washburn SBT-21 is a Tele-style guitar with a pointy 1980s-style headstock and looks like it is a relation to the Washburn Tour 24 Tele. At first glance it would appear to be an electric guitar with no pickups, but the acoustic style bridge is a dead giveaway as to its true function - of course it has piezo pickups under the bridge saddle. I guess this was designed for (hair) meta ...

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