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This Week in Rock History, August 22 – 28

This week is remembered in rock history for the time that Keith Moon supposedly celebrated his birthday by accidentally driving a car in to a pool. It was also during this week in 1965 that the biggest band in the world had a rather special meeting with a hero. ...

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<em>Total Guitar</em> Gives ‘Shout Out’ to Gibson Les Paul Studio Model

<img src='http://images.gibson.com/Lifestyle/2016/LPSTUFICH1_MAIN_HERO_01_2016_ttt.jpg' alt='Total Guitar Gives ‘Shout Out’ to Gibson Les Paul Studio Model' align="left" border="0" />In a feature profiling the world’s best mid-priced electric guitars, Total Guitar/Music Radar praised recent innovations made to Gibson’s ever-popular Studio model. ...

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The Joy Of PLEKs

The fretboard is where a heck of a lot of our guitaristic expression occurs. It’s where our fingers contact the strings to sound specific notes (of course), and that means that it’s an intersection between the physical and conceptual aspects of our playing. It’s where the strings get pushed, bent, tapped, hammered, pulled, flicked and otherwise harassed in the name of art. ...

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