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Blasting With The Blasters

Saw The Blasters last night at Hopmonk in Novato and they blew the roof off. They’ve been playing for about 40 years now and still have most of their original lineup. The rhythm section is preposterous. One of the best rock and roll drum (Bill Bateman) and bass (John Bazz) teams you’ll ever find. There’s … Continue reading "Blasting With The Blasters" ...

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Drinking A Case Of Joni Mitchell With Pollyana Bush

As a guitar player, I’ve rarely used anything but standard tuning. I don’t even like capos. So it was a new challenge to learn three custom tunings to accompany the amazing and beautiful Pollyana Bush, on three Joni Mitchell songs. This is part of her concert series, “Full Circle, musings on Laura Nyro, Joni Mitchell, … Continue reading "Drinking A Case Of Joni Mitchell With Pollyana Bush" ...

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What Madness! A Mashup Of Guitar Solos, from Yours Truly

This is a reel of solos I plucked from various records I’ve played on over the years. Here are the tracks and albums they are from: 1. “Radiation Boy” – The Uptones – Skankin’ Foolz Unite! – 2008 2. “Psychotic Reaction” (Count 5 cover) – The Fashion Slaves – Check Out The Fashion Slaves –… ...

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One Of The Things I Like Most About Teaching Guitar Lessons

I learn things I might not otherwise learn! Today, I worked out the rhythm and lead guitar parts for “More Than A Feeling” by Boston.  On request, from a student. As often happens, with a classic single like that, there’s so much more to it that one might expect. It’s a very clever and sophisticated chord […] ...

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The Holy Grail Of 8 Bar Rock n’ Roll Guitar Solos

In rock or power-pop music, a guitar solo usually has to explode from the start, take the song’s energy up a notch or eleven, and launch it into the next section. Often this is done in 16 bars or more, but there are some notable examples of short and sweet 8 bar solos which do […] ...

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