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10 of the best DJ controllers

DJ controller is an increasingly tricky term to define. Essentially, with advanced nature of modern music software, it’s possible to DJ – to some extent – with pretty much anything that spits out MIDI information.

As a result, some controllers designed primarily as tools for producers or live performers – such as Novation’s Launchpad, NI’s Maschines or Akai’s APC range – are also proving to be popular tools in the DJ booth. Indeed, if your DJ sets are likely to veer into the realms of live performance, or you want a controller you can use to make tunes with too, these are all options worth investigating.

Here, however, we are restricting ourselves to looking at controllers designed specifically for digital DJs, to accompany a computer-based DJ setup. So we’re ignoring – for the moment – timecode systems, CDJs that can be used as controllers, the fledgling iPad DJ market and other such options.

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